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One Thousand Four Hundred Kilometres.

Posted in cloudy days, doctoring tales, roadtrip on October 1, 2011 by twotwoeight

That was the distance I covered during my mid-week 2 days work-roadtrip. With more stops than there are admissions to my ward in a day, it seemed like a never-ending torturous ride to hell.

D – Denial.  Initially, I could not believe it was happening.  I kept thinking that the trip would go according to what I had in mind, and that I’d be home, in bed by 10pm the next day.  I had no idea then that at 10pm the next day, I would still be in Kedah, a long way from home.

A – Anger.  As things got more and more out of hand and we strayed further and further away from the path home, I was internally combusting and silently envisioning numerous scenes with lots of colourful language and blood.  Lots of it.

B – Bargaining.  Coming to terms that I was in no position to display my dissatisfaction, I switched tactics and wondered if I repeated myself enough times that I needed to work the next day, the message would go across.

D – Depression.  Realizing that all efforts were futile, I sunk into a quiet state of depression and sat in my corner, with my shades and my iPodNano plugged into my ears.

A – Acceptance.  Finally, I gave up.  Totally gave up.  With a forced smile plastered on my face, I just nodded and resigned to fate.

And that was basically how my work-roadtrip went.  The first and hopefully the last in my career.  Never again, never again.  The only saving grace was that at least I managed to capture some nice shots along the way.

As if reaching home at 5.30am was not bad enough, imagine my horror when I opened my door and found a mini-flood in my home.  Sigh… *bangs head on wall*