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Posted in kidz talk, Perhentian Island, professional tourist in the making on June 8, 2011 by twotwoeight

*Overheard during breakfast*

Boy : Where’s Papa?

Mum : Papa’s gone for a meeting upstairs.

Boy : Meeting? Why? Why has he gone for a meeting?

Mum : (whispering) Papa’s gone up to the toilet.  Remember what Papa says when he has to go to the toilet — that he has to go for a meeting?

Boy : Ohhhhhh…yes…

Mum : Now where has Papa gone?

Boy : Papa has gone for a meeting! *grins*

Upon sighting a huge-ass monitor lizard from the corridor (as big as a small crocodile!)

Cool Aussie Mum (CAM) : Yeah…that’s a huge one, isn’t it?

Me : *shocked* You can say that again!!!

CAM : Yeah…there’s a few of them around.  They hang around the kitchen area and snatch a chicken or two when they can.

Me : Wow…okay.  It looks scary!!!

CAM : I’m going to look for my son.  My husband called up and asked if the little one is with me and I thought he was with him.  I better go and see what he’s up to.  Hope he hasn’t been eaten by the monitor lizards! *grins*

Me : Right…..

On the beach…

Boy : Have you seen the purple thing?

Me : Oh, here it is, attached to the truck.

Boy : I better tie the boat on tightly this time.

Me : Yah, otherwise it will get washed away into the water.

Boy : Oh, don’t worry.  If it gets into the water, the waves will just bring it back to the shore.  It’s only natural. And it won’t get lost.  It’s only plastic – it will float. (in a matter-of-fact way)

Me : Right… *malu*

Boy : Can you keep an eye on it and tell me if it goes missing?

Me : Err…okay!