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Happy 2nd birthday Caleb…good job!!!

Posted in family, kidz talk, love on November 2, 2014 by twotwoeight

My dearest nephew,

Thank you for brightening our lives with your smiles and cheekiness and filling us with love. Yiyi loves you very very much, and thank you for waiting for yiyi to come back for your party!!! 😁

Caleb : Yiyi’s iPad at Mama’s (grandma) place
Caleb’s mum : Yes, Yiyi’s iPad. Not Caleb’s iPad. When Yiyi comes back, must give back to Yiyi yah. And to tell Yiyi good job because Yiyi go Africa to do work.
Caleb: Yiyi not good job. Caleb good job.
Caleb’s mum : What work did Caleb do?
Caleb : Caleb do art work at Mama’s place.
Caleb’s mum : Oh…okay. Good job Caleb. 😳

Hehehe!! You never fail to make me laugh! Good job indeed Caleb!
Love you to bits! 🙂



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This morning, while in clinic, I had the most amusing conversation with a 6 years old boy. He was a jolly and chatty little fella, under follow-up for asthma.  The moment he walked into my room, he sat down and put my stethoscope on his ears.

Me : Sihat kah hari ini? (Are you well today?)

Him : Sihat… (I’m well)

Me : Ada guna ubat pam kah? (Did you use your inhalers?)

Him : Ada…dua igek setiap hari! (Yes, 2 times a day)

Me : Wah…bagus! (Wow, good!)

(seeing his obsession with my stethoscope…)

Me : Kamu mahu jadi doktor ka, bila sudah besar? (Do you want to be a doctor when you grow up?)

Him : (in a resounding voice as if I have just made the most silly suggestion in the world) TIDAK!!! (No!!!)

Me : Habis, kamu nak jadi apa nanti? (Then what do you want to be?)

Him : Saya mahu jadi LANUN!!! (very proudly!) (I want to be a pirate!!!)

Me : *stunned* Kamu mahu jadi lanun? Kamu tahu apa tu lanun kah??? (You want to be a pirate? Do you know what a pirate is???)

Him : Upin dan Ipin jadi lanun.  Saya pun mahu jadi lanun!!! Lanun hebat!!! (Upin and Ipin became pirates.  I also want to be a pirate!!! Pirates are great!!!)

Me : *bengang*…

Reminded me of the time one of my friends told me that when she was in primary school and the teacher asked all the children what were their ambitions, one boy excitedly said “Communist!” and the teacher was speechless.

kid brain

Little kids’ minds are like sponges…they silently absorb their surroundings at a speed which will leave you astounded — maybe a word said in passing, a phrase overheard, an idolized cartoon character.  Be careful what you expose them to…or you might find yourself with a pirate on your hands!



PS/ Just yesterday, I saw one of my patients reading a comic book with the title “Kisah ayah masuk hospital sakit buasir” (The tale of father being admitted for haemorrhoids).

A thousand question marks on my face…

Nursery rhyme with a bang!

Posted in growing up, kidz talk on September 27, 2011 by twotwoeight

I have always only known the first verse of this…literally ROTFL when my friend introduced me to the 2nd and 3rd verse.





客人啊, 喝完茶,




爸爸啊, 六点啦,




Hahahaha…the only line that stuck in my head was the ke ren bao zha bit! 😉

Double Trouble

Posted in kidz talk, kindred spirits on July 15, 2011 by twotwoeight

“Twice the smiles, twice the hugs,

twice the troubles, twice the tugs,

Twice the diapers, coos and sighs,

twice the fun and late night cries.

Two stuffy noses, two first smiles,

double the joys and double the trials.

Twice the wonder a baby brings,

twice the feelings that make your heart sing.

Two gifts from God on one joyous day,

and double the love He sent your way.”

Love your chubby cheeks to bits!!! 🙂


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*Overheard during breakfast*

Boy : Where’s Papa?

Mum : Papa’s gone for a meeting upstairs.

Boy : Meeting? Why? Why has he gone for a meeting?

Mum : (whispering) Papa’s gone up to the toilet.  Remember what Papa says when he has to go to the toilet — that he has to go for a meeting?

Boy : Ohhhhhh…yes…

Mum : Now where has Papa gone?

Boy : Papa has gone for a meeting! *grins*

Upon sighting a huge-ass monitor lizard from the corridor (as big as a small crocodile!)

Cool Aussie Mum (CAM) : Yeah…that’s a huge one, isn’t it?

Me : *shocked* You can say that again!!!

CAM : Yeah…there’s a few of them around.  They hang around the kitchen area and snatch a chicken or two when they can.

Me : Wow…okay.  It looks scary!!!

CAM : I’m going to look for my son.  My husband called up and asked if the little one is with me and I thought he was with him.  I better go and see what he’s up to.  Hope he hasn’t been eaten by the monitor lizards! *grins*

Me : Right…..

On the beach…

Boy : Have you seen the purple thing?

Me : Oh, here it is, attached to the truck.

Boy : I better tie the boat on tightly this time.

Me : Yah, otherwise it will get washed away into the water.

Boy : Oh, don’t worry.  If it gets into the water, the waves will just bring it back to the shore.  It’s only natural. And it won’t get lost.  It’s only plastic – it will float. (in a matter-of-fact way)

Me : Right… *malu*

Boy : Can you keep an eye on it and tell me if it goes missing?

Me : Err…okay!


International Chlorox Ingestion Day

Posted in doctoring tales, kidz talk on May 28, 2011 by twotwoeight

3 year old boy left alone after bathing in the bathroom, grandmother went to get towel.  Bottle of Chlorox on bathroom floor next to pail of water. Next thing you know, boy found vomiting and smelled of Chlorox.

3 year old boy.  Pulled a chair to the washing machine.  Climbed up and picked up a bottle of Chlorox.  Bottle was closed.  Unfortunately, the cover was punctured at the top allowing the liquid to flow out unobstructed.  Boy found with empty bottle.

4 year old boy.  Running around in the living room.  Next thing you know found vomiting and smelled of Chlorox.  Chlorox bottle found from mopping the floor the previous day.

3 alleged Chlorox ingestions in one day, can you believe it?  And not just any other poisons, Chlorox specifically.  It must be the International Day of Chlorox Ingestion which I wasn’t aware of.

We see more and more cases of home accidents compared to previous years.  Is it that the children nowadays are more intelligent / curious / naughty / difficult to discipline?  Or is it the parents who are underestimating their children’s capabilities.  I really can’t comment.

Just to share with you some of the other incidents I’ve encountered…

Boy pulls chair to refrigerator, climbs up and eats 10 anti-diarrhoeal pills thinking they were sweets.  (Among other alleged medication ingestions; OCP, anti-hypertensives, anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, iron tablets)

Fabuloso kept in used milk bottle as air freshener.  Uncovered.  Girl finds milk bottle.  Yup you guessed it.  Drank it.

Boy sitting in supermarket trolley with groceries at the carpark.  Mother busy loading groceries into car.  Next thing you know, boy was drinking from newly bought bottle of bleach.

Fortunately, the 3 kids who were admitted were discharged well after observation.  Hope they remain just as lucky the next time.

Parents, a gentle reminder.  Do not underestimate your toddler.

I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat!

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If you secretly want to refer Tweety to a speech therapist, check this out!

Hehehe…cute, isn’t it?

PS/ Chances are, if you can name every one of them, you were born before the 1980’s 😉