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Yak attack!!! (AC Day 7)

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Day 7 — Destination : Yak Kharka, 4010m


Shuvaprabhat! Got up bright and early and had a breakfast of ‘fixed breakfast’, which consists of toast, omelette and roast potatoes.  We left Manang at 7.45am and headed towards Yak Kharka.  Today was going to be a relatively short day, as the trek was only scheduled for half a day in view of the elevation gain of 500m from Manang to Yak Kharka.  It was not recommended to ascend more than 500m the higher we trekked for better acclimatization.

rest before Yak Kharka

The trek today was not technically difficult; the trails was not rocky but the steady elevation gain did render us out of breath as we neared Yak Kharka!

Hotel Yak

Mr.Limbu had told us the day before that there were only 6 guest houses in Yak Kharka and they were sparsely located, with 2 at the beginning of the village, 3 in the middle of the village and the last one a little distance away.  When we finally reached a sign that read Yak Kharka, we were overjoyed but that was shortlived, as they did not stop.  Looks like we were going to stay at the guesthouses in the middle of the village, so we trudged along.  However, when we reached the cluster of 3 guesthouses in the middle, again we didn’t stop and Dev and Mr.Limbu gestured for us to move along!

the log carrier

By then, both PW and I were already hungry and tired and breathless…but we grudgingly continued walking! How can we be complaining when the guy carrying the log is still all smiles? 😉 Hahaha…I think it must have been quite obvious as Dev brought this up a few days later! :p

Yak Kharka guesthouse


Another 20 minutes later, we finally reached our guesthouse at about noon.  The views were extremely gorgeous!!


Literally collapsed on the bench after ordering our lunch and shortly after, Dev found the right bait to lure us outside as he wanted to prevent us from sleeping in the day in order for us to have a good night’s sleep!!


He found yaks!!!  Knowing that we were suckers for animals, we immediately pulled ourselves off the bench and went outside to see the yaks up close.

yaks galore

We were photographing the yaks and Dev reminded us not to get too close to them as they can be unpredictable.  And just minutes after he said that, the yak that was rubbing his back on the ground suddenly got up and dashed over to the yak with the “bull’s eye” that was right in front of PW.  Startled, PW leapt backwards which in turn scared me and I tumbled and fell on my butt!! Of course we were not in any danger as the yaks were behind a fence. 😉

the yak whisperer

Dev had a good laugh over our real “yak attack” — we had been seeing the phrase ‘yak attack’ scribbled on the walls periodically as we ascended the mountain and wondered what it meant.  Well, now we know! 🙂

lunch in yak kharka

Lunch was dahl baht and spaghetti — wolfed it down as we were starving!

yak kharka horse


We walked around after lunch and wondered in amazement at the immensely blue sky and splendid mountain views.


We were debating whether or not to trek up the hill opposite our guesthouse but decided against it and chose to sunbathe on a low table in the yard instead watching the clouds and soaking up the sun.


Later, we joined Dev and Mr.Limbu for card games — they taught us to play a local card game and we brought out our loot of Nescafe 3-in-1 as it was getting cold!! Then we taught them to play ‘heart attack’, but this game only lasted a short while as Mr.Limbu was laughing uncontrollably until he was crying with backache and struggling to catch his breath!  It was hilarious just watching him laugh!

Come evening, we ordered dinner and then went to freshen up and make ourselves warm.  We all huddled around the dung-cake fireplace while waiting for dinner.  Even the huge dog that was lazing around outside came in and snuggled by the fireplace.  We all didn’t want to leave the fireplace even after the fire had burnt out as it was freezing outside.  Eventually, we dragged ourselves back to our room and luckily Dev gave us some Korean heat packs that was quite warm! (Once we figured out how to activate it anyway….) 😉

Was woken up at 2am by a barking dog that seemed like it was right outside our room.  Dev told us the dog slept in the common toilet and scared Mr.Limbu out of his wits when he went to pee in the middle of the night!! (PS/ The dog was huge!!!) 🙂