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Top of the World begins with jeeping (Day 1)

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Day 1 — Destination : Jagat, 1300m

We woke up bright and early…maybe not so bright as we were still half-awake and packed our backpacks.  Went down for an early breakfast, luckily the staff at Ambassador Garden Home were nice enough to make us breakfast before 7am even though it was not the official breakfast time yet.  We opted for a lighter version of the set breakfast since there was a long drive ahead — of course we still had the herby-octopus-like sausages!  Have not had sausages like that since we were kids!!


Dev, our guide came and met us at about 7am with the other people who would be sharing the transport with us to Besisahar, 3 Koreans — a Korean monk, a man in his 40s who had started trekking in Nepal since he was 22 years old and “Korean Guy”, a solo trekker who we met up with in the days to come.


The drive from Thamel to Besisahar took us 5 and a half hours, but luckily the weather was nice and chilly, and despite the roads being incredibly bumpy some parts of the way, the trip was generally pleasant.


As we left the city and headed towards the outskirts, the views grew incredibly more alluring, and we started seeing a hint of the snowy peaks!


There were some parts of the road that was under major construction and the long train of vehicles created massive dust clouds!

It was also during this ride that random songs started popping into my head – She’ll be coming round the mountain when she comes…Top of the world…and many more.  And this is also when I started changing the lyrics to Top of the World in my head!


Such a feeling’s coming over me,

All the vehicles are veering dangerously,

Lots of dust in the air, got the grime in my hair,

But I can’t believe it, we’re here finally.


There is only one trip on my mind,

When this day is through I hope that I will find,

That I’ve conquered the Pass,

Din’ end up in a mess,

There’s a pleasing sense of happiness in me.


I’m at the top of the Thorung-La Pass,

Knowing that this won’t be the last adventure in this present life,

It’s a love that I’ve found, ever since we came around,

Annapurna, the top of my world.


I had created another 2 verses but the ride became too bumpy to write anything down.  We reached Besisahar at about 12.30pm and met Mr.Limbu, our porter there.  After a quick lunch and securing transportation to our next destination, we set off for Jagat in the back of a local jeep.


And that’s when we knew what the true meaning of ‘a bumpy ride’ was!


There were 8 of us seated in the back and another 2 guys standing at the rear!



The journey on the harrowing narrow rocky path that was hugging the cliffs and at times looked impossible for oncoming vehicles to pass by successfully was made all the more incredible being packed in the back of the jeep!


Finally, after about 3 hours we reached Jagat! Woohoooo!!

We stayed a a teahouse called Eco Home and learned that we were the only guests there for the night, and our timing was perfect as they were fully booked the following night with a big group scheduled to arrive.  The room was simple with just the bare necessities — 2 single beds and a low table in between, but it was clean.


After we put our things down, we took a stroll down the main street of Jagat.  The weather was perfect — chilly, but not too cold.


We saw a group of local children who were having a ball with a baby goat!  They were carrying it around, walking it like a pet dog and the baby goat seemed to enjoy the attention it got.


Well, better than being on a plate I say!!


Animals always make us trigger-happy and after awhile, we attracted the attention of some of the local kids who wanted to get in on the action too.


Buildings were generally very brightly coloured, as we would come to realize later.


After our first gas shower (almost got a mini heart attack when I turned on the heater and saw the flames lit up in the heater!), we went to the dining hall for dinner.  We had our first of many dahl bahts as promoted by Dev and we were introduced to the mountain slogan of “Dahl baht power, 24 hour!”.  We had a chat with Dev while waiting for dinner and learned some Nepali words.

Dhanya baad – Thank you

Suvarathri – Good night

*spelled as how I interpreted it

And then, it was time to call it a day, and say Suvarathri.  Tomorrow will be the first real day of trekking, and as Dev put it, a day to gauge our trekking skills! *gulp!* 😉