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Summer fun

Posted in Cambridge, professional tourist in the making on August 16, 2010 by twotwoeight

On my last night in UK, I went to a fair with my nephew and his friends.  Fairs and markets are always intriguing, partly because they are so colourful and you never know what treasures you may stumble upon, if you look hard enough!

The sky was a beautiful shade of blue and contrasted so well with the bright colors of the fair.

There was something for everyone…even the health conscious!

I was tempted by the coffee bar so many times…but I had already had my caffeine fix that morning…luckily I managed to resist it!

Fair food — there were lots of interesting and exotic food available…this is just part of it.

We decided to try out this harmless looking ride for fun…boy, were we deceived!  It was certainly not as harmless as we anticipated…the constant spinning on multiple axes at high velocities left our internal organs slightly out of place.  Luckily, we went on it before we ate…otherwise…eeuuwww….

There was also a live open air concert at the fairgrounds…the group “The Real Thing” was quite the crowd pleaser…managed to get the people singing along and dancing…from small kids right up to cute old couples!  I even saw a man using crutches hopping along to the beat! 😉

And what better way to end the night than with a display of fireworks?

I miss “summer” already…


Apparel with an attitude

Posted in Cambridge, random bits on August 10, 2010 by twotwoeight

You know how people say a picture speaks a thousand words?  Well, these witty t-shirts certainly proved otherwise. The message is loud and clear…and no pictures needed!

And just because I love cartoons, here’s what caught my attention in the first place!