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Caffeine heaven — that’s where I am

Posted in across the South China Sea, caffeine, Nespresso on June 25, 2012 by twotwoeight

After months of pondering, I finally decided to get myself a Nespresso machine and thereafter was the period of indecisiveness — which model to get.  Well, I finally decided, did the needful and voila, I got a call asking me to collect my package today!

The conversation with the customs officer is another story….but suffice to say, I walked out of the Pos Laju office beaming! Couldn’t wait to get home and make my first cuppa…and was it worth the wait??

You betcha! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Oh yes…incidentally, I obtained this “drug” box awhile back and now it has found its true calling! *grins*

I am super-duper happy…now excuse me while I “drug” myself into a caffeine-induced coma! Muahahahaha  😉

PS/ Thanks to Su & John for all your help! Will patiently wait for John’s review on the coffee with special ingredient soon 😉