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No Death, or so it seems…

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25th July 201420140808-115958 am-43198765.jpg

The last hour — sitting at the porch outside the doctor’s office in Gondama Referral Centre (GRC), sipping hot “Starbucks Americano” and listening to Jacky Cheung on my iPod shuffle while writing down hand-over notes from the night. The last hour of my first night shift in GRC. No deaths. Dare I count my chickens before they hatch? After all, there is another 55 minutes to go before 8am. And anything can happen. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Most of the doctors and nurses who work here have attended more resuscitations, or rather, witnessed more deaths in the few months of working here compared to in their entire working lives. Judging from previous years, the numbers are expected to rise in the rainy season as this brings a surge of severe malaria and pneumonia cases, but on the contrary, the wards are quieter than ever this year. Under normal circumstances, this would be something good. A quiet hospital with low bed occupancy rate…who wouldn’t want that?

Unfortunately, this unnatural apparent peace does not reflect a healthier population or availability of better health facilities at this point in time. Admissions are significantly less because the people are not seeking treatment – not at hospitals, at least. Why? Because they are terrified of the deadly Ebola. There are many myths and rumours related to this disease; some don’t believe the virus exists, some say it is an act of with craft or supernatural in origin, some say it is a conspiracy designed by the authorities for population control, some say it is purely a scam of healthcare workers and scientists for research – the list is endless. The worst of them all, is that many of them believe that if you go to a hospital, you will get injected with the Ebola virus there.

Whichever the story, the devastating outcome is that these beliefs keep them from bringing their children to the hospital, even when their child is critically ill. They’d rather let their children die at home or go to traditional healers than risk coming to the hospital. As a result of this, they die from potentially treatable diseases like malaria, pneumonia or gastroenteritis which are so prevalent in this community. It is tragic to know that there are so many preventable deaths out there – that every empty bed we see in the ward could mean that there is a child out there who is denied proper treatment because of false beliefs.

Ebola is a deadly virus indeed. Once infected, the mortality rate is high. But the destructive path it leaves behind without even needing to infect the individual is more terrifying, and this deadliness grows silently, unseen and unheard. When will this destruction end? Only time will tell. Until then, we continue to pray for the number of admissions in our wards to increase, so that less lives will be lost unnecessarily. Ironic, I know.



Caffeine heaven — that’s where I am

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After months of pondering, I finally decided to get myself a Nespresso machine and thereafter was the period of indecisiveness — which model to get.  Well, I finally decided, did the needful and voila, I got a call asking me to collect my package today!

The conversation with the customs officer is another story….but suffice to say, I walked out of the Pos Laju office beaming! Couldn’t wait to get home and make my first cuppa…and was it worth the wait??

You betcha! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Oh yes…incidentally, I obtained this “drug” box awhile back and now it has found its true calling! *grins*

I am super-duper happy…now excuse me while I “drug” myself into a caffeine-induced coma! Muahahahaha  😉

PS/ Thanks to Su & John for all your help! Will patiently wait for John’s review on the coffee with special ingredient soon 😉

When things don’t go according to plan…

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20120503-120501 PM.jpg
Chill. And a tall glass of coffee.

20120503-120650 PM.jpg
I wonder when will Starbucks or Coffee Bean go to Sarikei?

Caffeine Lust.

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Yes, I’m a coffee addict and I don’t deny it.

On lazy sleep-in weekends and right before rushing off for morning weekend rounds, what wouldn’t I do to see a Nespresso Lattissima Plus sitting on my kitchen counter, just waiting to make me the perfect latte at the touch of a button.  Sigh…

Anybody wants to contribute to Pohf’s Christmas Coffee Fund? 😉 Remember, sharing is caring! 😉