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What do you see?

Posted in arts, Jaisalmer, professional tourist in the making, Rajasthan on January 8, 2013 by twotwoeight

Jaded by the not-so-holy holymen in the Jain Temple in Jaisalmer Fort, I shifted my attention to the intricate carvings of the temple and was pleasantly surprised at what I saw.


I saw Princess Leia.

eiffel tower

I saw Eiffel Tower.

proud husband

I saw a husband proud of his wife.

mooncake monster

I saw a mooncake monster.

pissed off woman

I saw an angry well-endowed woman.

zombie musician

I saw zombie musicians.


I saw infinity.

monster eyes

“I see you”.

primitive thinker

I saw The Primitive Thinker…or a man stifling a laughter — couldn’t decide between the two.

So, what do you see? 😉


Weekend artist-wannabe

Posted in across the South China Sea, arts on July 28, 2012 by twotwoeight

20120728-094227 PM.jpgI fell in love with Coplu’s work after seeing it for the first time. The bright colours and simplicity of the subjects speak volumes and somehow, you will find yourself drawn to it. And since I can’t afford to own a Coplu in the next many many years, I resorted to painting one of my own. They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, no? 😉

20120728-094328 PM.jpg

Besides, I can’t think of a better way to kill time here! 😉 Fingers are still a bit rusty…I haven’t held a paintbrush in many many years.  I can still recall my first set of real paintbrushes — a set of 4 black brushes that my sister and I both had.  Wow…that was a long time ago.

20120728-095405 PM.jpg

Hehe, and now I have my own “Coplu” sitting on my table!  Am glad that the weekend has been fruitful…maybe it’s time to rekindle my love for the arts.

Have a good Sunday everyone! 🙂