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A weekend touristy-trip to Sibu

Posted in across the South China Sea, gastronomical delights, professional tourist in the making, Sibu, through the lens on July 10, 2012 by twotwoeight

Sibu is about an hour’s drive away from Sarikei and it’s where one goes to stock up on groceries, to eat McDonalds (have yet to do that!), maybe for a spot of retail therapy and to satisfy cravings for Japanese food or other more fanciful cuisine!

So when Joyce dropped by for a visit, it was only fitting that we paid Sibu a visit.  The drive there was pleasant although a little bumpy. We met up with Arthur at Noodle House after we checked in.  Arthur was kind enough to bring us to buy the famous Foochow red wine and after he led us to Sungai Merah, we roamed around on our own.

Spent a bit of time at the Wong Nai Siong Memorial Park and the surrounding area at Sungai Merah. The memorial park was much smaller than I expected though, but I was fascinated with a row of shophouse there and the way the reflections played on the river.

We drove back to the town centre and proceeded to roam the sights and embark on the “food trail” I had planned.  If you asked me to describe Sibu in one word, I would say colourful!

The multi-coloured buildings make even snaking around in back alleys a source of surprise, discovering hidden Kodak moments.

Of course, back alleys are always where good food is hidden!  We stopped for ding bien hu, which has been described by some as ‘sick-people-food’…but I love it.

After lunch, we walked towards the waterfront area where the Tua Pek Kong temple was…

and the port area which was bustling with comings and goings of people and cargo.  The signboards on the boats make them appear as though they are floating coffee shops…which is kind of a cool idea, I thought.

One of the famed swan statues of Sibu is also located nearby…and if you’re wondering why swans are associated with Sibu,  it was believed that once upon a time, swans saved the people here from famine.

We ducked into a cafe called The Ark for some air-conditioning and had the pork satay and fried beehoon with cangkuk manis which was nothing to shout about, but at least it provided respite from the blistering heat!

After that, we walked to the Sibu Heritage Centre which was right in the middle of the town centre — there was a display on the history of the people of Sibu on the upper level, but otherwise quite deserted.  If you were wondering why they dedicated a memorial park to Wong Nai Siong, then you will be able to learn about his significance and role here.

We enjoyed dinner with Arthur, his wife and his friend at Ruby Restaurant — of course we had the midin and cangkuk manis 🙂

After dinner, we went to the night market but there wasn’t much to see, probably because it rained heavily that evening, so we dropped by Payung Cafe for a snack!

The next morning, we rose bright and early (early by my standards anyway…) as breakfast was beckoning! Kuay chap!!!  Complete with all kinds of porcine spare parts you can think of — super-duper yummy!!!

After a satisfying breakfast, we went to the Central Market as my friend had a worm craving!  Although the market was crawling with people, it was worth the visit as there were plenty of interesting wares for sale — the most unique being the tamu section of the market.

And of course, the main agenda for the trip…the sago worms! *shivers down my spine* — nope, even if nobody likes me, I’m not gonna eat some woooorrrrrms!!!

With the worm-eating out of the way, we left the market and walked towards the Rejang Port Authority and Museum Memorial Hospital area.

After that, it was one last kampua noodle and pien seep (I still can’t figure out how this is different from our wantans…) for lunch, and then it’s time to say bye-bye to Sibu…for now!

A nice relaxing call-free weekend.  Definitely will be back for more explorations and eating expeditions. 🙂