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Slithery tales — saving grace for an exasperating day

Posted in doctoring tales on November 12, 2013 by twotwoeight

Today and me started off on the wrong foot.  Thankfully, it didn’t stay that way.

After finishing a particularly exasperating rounds this afternoon, I was hungry and tired and answering phone calls and questions/updates from the house officers when one of them came up to me with a rather serious expression on her face…

HO : Dr.Wong…the lab called and informed that they rejected our sample..

Me : Huh? Which sample?

HO : The snake.

Me : HAH??? *look of disbelief* You sent the snake to the lab? Why? You want them to do frozen cross-sections and confirm it’s a snake? Or do culture and sensitivity on the tissue swab??

(Just in case you are wondering if we have snakes at our disposal or this is the norm, we had a patient who was admitted for alleged snake bite and the family brought the culprit — a baby snake — with its head crushed by a stone)

Me : Anyway, quickly go take the snake back! Luckily I didn’t get a call from the pathologist asking why I pranked her! And remember to dispose of it properly.  Please find out if it should be discarded as clinical waste, normal household waste or thrown into the sharps bin!!! *with a straight face*

*sweat*!! Okay, but I must say it really made me laugh…and brightened up my day.


On an unrelated note, I was teaching a life support course the other day and we were doing simulations of emergency scenarios with mannequins and one of the scenarios involved a boy having an open/sucking chest injury.  So, halfway through the simulation, I signalled to my colleague to emulate the hissing  sound of a sucking chest wound.  The candidate looked briefly at her, and then ignored her completely and continued on.  After the simulation was over, we sat down for a debriefing and I asked the candidate if he noticed the hissing sound.  He said he was puzzled as to what the sound was and was looking around hard trying to figure out what it was!! I asked him “I mean, you didn’t think we would put a snake in the room, right?” Hahahahaha!!!


PS/ I’m not sure how they disposed the snake though… Where would you have put it? 😉