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daughter of Mr.Wong

Posted in conversations, doctoring tales on October 27, 2011 by twotwoeight

While walking towards my car in the new multi-storey car park, I bumped into a nursing Matron I knew so I smiled, greeted her and continued walking towards my car.  To my surprise, she suddenly called out after me (quite enthusiastically)…

Matron : Doctor, doctor!!!

Me : Err….yeah, Matron?

Matron : You anak Mr………….Mr……???  (and pauses, with a searching / questioning look on her face)

Me : Erm…saya anak Mr.Wong, sebab saya Dr.Wong mah!

Matron : Ya ke? You bukan anak Mr.Tan ke? Betul ke?

Me : Err…Matron, pasti saya bukan anak Mr.Tan, sebab saya bukan Dr.Tan! 😉

Matron : Ohhhh…you Dr.Wong eh…sorry, sorry.

Me : Takpe…

Most bewildering conversation in the parking lot…ever.



the Laksa journey

Posted in gastronomical delights on October 21, 2011 by twotwoeight

Laksa Kedah in Kuala Kedah — unfortunately, was not in the mood nor right frame of mind to take photos of that.

Laksa Johor in Johor Bharu.

Laksa Perlis in Kuala Perlis.

Now all that’s missing is Laksa Sarawak from Chong Choon Cafe in Kuching and to top it off, Penang Assam Laksa in Air Itam.

And that, would be just perfect.  December, I’m counting down the days. 😉


Posted in cloudy days, doctoring tales, the box of chocolates known as life on October 16, 2011 by twotwoeight

Physically. Mentally. Whatever else way one can be exhausted in.

Sigh…everyday is like fighting a losing battle.  I wish I can just hibernate until I see the light.

Awesomest wedding ever

Posted in kindred spirits, love on October 15, 2011 by twotwoeight

I still remember the telephone conversation we had where she was telling me about her awesome first date and how happy I was for her.  I also remember that although we didn’t get to meet up much afterwards, but every time we did, she was exuding happiness and contentment.

And now, I will remember 17th September as the day my best friend, the unique rocker-chic bride became Mrs. Pates — grinning with happiness and surrounded with love.

Congrats tukia!!! 🙂

PS – Your sampat friend has yet to mail your long overdue card :p

Death by stupidity.

Posted in cloudy days, doctoring tales on October 9, 2011 by twotwoeight

@5.30pm in jaundice cubicle…

Me : Okay, okay. Keep NBM first. Start IVD.

Not me : *writes in case sheet – NBM. IVD*

Me : What drip do you want to give?

Not me : Errrrrrrrr…… *blank look*

Me : You don’t even know what drip to give? Okay, okay. One fifth normal saline D10%.

Not me : Huh????? *blank look*

Me : One. Fifth. Normal. Saline. D10%.

Not me : Onnnnnneeeeeee…fiftttttthhhhh… *stares into the air*


Not me : Oh… *writes in case sheet – 15 NS …*

Me : ONE. FIFTH. Normal saline.

Not me : *writes in case sheet – D5%*

Me : ONE! FIFTH! NOR….. Forget it….give me the pen.

(grabs the pen and scrapes of the 15NS and D5% and writes 1/5 NS D10%)

Me : Count the drip. What’s the drip rate?

(MO counts the drip rate and says 16.2 mls per hour)

Me : Write 16.2 mls per hour.

Not me : Oh…. *writes in case sheet – 162mls per hour*


Me : Start IV drip.

Not me again : *writes in case sheet – IVD*

Me : What drip do you want to give???

Not me again : Oh….if it’s day one of life, you give…

Me : No, no, no…no what ifs. This baby. Day 8 of life. Term.  What drip do you want to give?

Not me again : Errrr….D10%?

Me : What? This is a day 8 baby. Try again.

Not me again : 1/2 NS D10%?

Me : NO. How can you not even know IV drip???

Not me again : D5%??

Me : NO. Try again.

Not me again : 1/5 NS D5%??


Not me again :1/2 NS D10%??

Me : Aaaarrrrggghhh…..NO! You guessed that already and didn’t I tell you it’s wrong???

Somedays I wonder what’s the point.


PS/ Prescribing intravenous drip is the most basic knowledge one must possess before stepping foot into nursery.  Really really basic.


One Thousand Four Hundred Kilometres.

Posted in cloudy days, doctoring tales, roadtrip on October 1, 2011 by twotwoeight

That was the distance I covered during my mid-week 2 days work-roadtrip. With more stops than there are admissions to my ward in a day, it seemed like a never-ending torturous ride to hell.

D – Denial.  Initially, I could not believe it was happening.  I kept thinking that the trip would go according to what I had in mind, and that I’d be home, in bed by 10pm the next day.  I had no idea then that at 10pm the next day, I would still be in Kedah, a long way from home.

A – Anger.  As things got more and more out of hand and we strayed further and further away from the path home, I was internally combusting and silently envisioning numerous scenes with lots of colourful language and blood.  Lots of it.

B – Bargaining.  Coming to terms that I was in no position to display my dissatisfaction, I switched tactics and wondered if I repeated myself enough times that I needed to work the next day, the message would go across.

D – Depression.  Realizing that all efforts were futile, I sunk into a quiet state of depression and sat in my corner, with my shades and my iPodNano plugged into my ears.

A – Acceptance.  Finally, I gave up.  Totally gave up.  With a forced smile plastered on my face, I just nodded and resigned to fate.

And that was basically how my work-roadtrip went.  The first and hopefully the last in my career.  Never again, never again.  The only saving grace was that at least I managed to capture some nice shots along the way.

As if reaching home at 5.30am was not bad enough, imagine my horror when I opened my door and found a mini-flood in my home.  Sigh… *bangs head on wall*