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Nursery rhyme with a bang!

Posted in growing up, kidz talk on September 27, 2011 by twotwoeight

I have always only known the first verse of this…literally ROTFL when my friend introduced me to the 2nd and 3rd verse.





客人啊, 喝完茶,




爸爸啊, 六点啦,




Hahahaha…the only line that stuck in my head was the ke ren bao zha bit! 😉


Bye-bye diet!

Posted in doctoring tales, gastronomical delights on September 8, 2011 by twotwoeight


Thanks, Sophia!


telepathic 小吃

Posted in doctoring tales, gastronomical delights on September 5, 2011 by twotwoeight

Just as I was craving for some, my patient’s mother miraculously came to look for me and passed me some homemade yam cake! *bliss*


(Now all that’s missing is Mum’s chopped basil sauce!)

our health is in your hands

Posted in doctoring tales on September 5, 2011 by twotwoeight

Intensive care patient on blood transfusion.  When asked why isn’t there a blood warmer, the nurse in-charge answered “But I’ve used an infusion pump”.

Boy ventilated and sedated in the emergency department for status asthmaticus.  When asked for a Salbutamol nebulizer stat, after much delay, a nebulizer connected to a facemask was placed on the patient’s face.  Again, the patient is being manually bagged via an endotracheal tube and sedated.

Patient developed a generalized seizure in the ward.  Patient not on oxygen.  When asked for a facemask and oxygen, a facial facemask was cheerily handed.

Some of the “stories” off the top of my head…there’s more where that came from.  And now with the implementation of the flexi-hours system for training, there’s only one way things will go.

We don’t need Nostradamus to tell us the future of our healthcare system, do we? 😉