Table tennis idiot.

Was watching some high school kids at a table tennis tournament and I broke into a smile remembering how I ended up in a table tennis competition myself.  It was back during varsity days when we had inter-faculty games, and for some reason or another, our faculty needed a pair for the girl’s game minutes before the match was due to start.  And so, Lish and I were “cajoled” into representing our faculty on the spot despite wails from us that we had never played before in our lives!  Needless to say, we lost, but the most embarrassing part of it was that we were so bad that our opponents actually had to stop and teach us how to play! 😛

Well years later, I’m still a table tennis idiot, I wonder if Lish has mastered the game? 😉


By special request…ahem!

Enjoy!!! 😉



6 Responses to “Table tennis idiot.”

  1. First year? :p … haha … i was the chess champ though … proving that it’s a nerds game hahaha :p


  2. No cartoon of penguins playing table-tennis?


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