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Driven by cravings.

Posted in gastronomical delights on July 30, 2011 by twotwoeight

I don’t know about you, but I have food cravings ALL the time.  And before you can ask, nope, it’s not even remotely beta-HCG related! 😉

Latest ones…

No idea where this craving popped up from…but it was specific!

Had this at Alexis, BSC.  Mmm…definitely left me craving for the real thing.  Time to make a trip to Kuching…soon. 😉



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Peter : We don’t know each other, do we?

Reggie : Why? Do you think we’re going to?

Peter : I don’t know.  How would I know?

Reggie : I already know a great many people.  Until one of them dies, I couldn’t possibly meet anyone else.

Peter : Yes, of course.  But you will let me know if anyone goes on the critical list, will you?

Killer lines. Awesome cast.  One of my favourite old movies of all time.  Watched it again when I was in Alor Setar during the week.

If you haven’t seen it yet, go!!! 😉

Thriving in adversity.

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Was tending to my poor forgotten plant over the weekend and was amazed at the extent it had grown.  Despite the lack of attention on my part.  Salute.

Sprigs of life

Crossroad.  Choices.

Circle of life is never a smooth one.

If Mother Nature created telephone lines…

Intruder — caught!

Let me shelter you from the evils of the world.

Hanging on tight.

The intricate knots that is life.


Thriving in adversity.  I could learn a thing or two from it.

The ABC and F of resuscitation.

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Whenever I long for nutritious soup and a hearty Chinese meal, Tang Sifu never fails me.

I encountered a little “situation” when I came here for lunch once.  I was at the cashier waiting to pay my bill when I heard a commotion behind the counter.  I peeped to see what was holding up everyone’s attention, including the cashier’s.   I saw a one of the workers who was a young lady lying on the bench and the others surrounding her, some in tears, some in panic.  Some well-meaning patrons were trying to help by giving suggestions.   I saw a rather authoritative man giving them orders, and thought “How lucky, he must be a health practitioner”.  However, after I heard one saying “Don’t let her lie down flat, you must put her on her side” and another insisting her head to be propped up on a huge cushion thereby flexing her neck and compromising her airway, I decided to intervene.

While asking her colleagues briefly what had transpired that morning, I eye balled the girl and did a quick ABC assessment.  Airway was clear, she was breathing spontaneously and circulation was good.  Apparently she has asthma and was unwell in the morning, and also didn’t eat much that morning.

DEFG – Don’t Ever Forget Glucose.  Right…was she hypoglycaemic? Check the blood sugar.  Crap…forgot I was not in the hospital.  No glucometer.  I knew it was a long shot, but I asked anyway if they happened to have one.  Nope.

Next.  Was it bronchospasm?  No audible wheeze, chest was not hyperinflated, chest rise was good and equal.  Any rhonchi?  No stets.  Well, unlikely bronchospasm anyway.

Next.  Central nervous system depression? Check the pupils.  Darn…no torchlight.  This they probably would have right…so I asked for a torchlight.  The girl closest to me quickly turned and asked her friend for a torchlight, and he must have asked why she wanted one, because I heard her answering in exasperation “Doctor sure must need torchlight la!”.  Err…

Next.  Could it be just a syncopal attack?  Smelling salt.  Well, I didn’t know how to ask for smelling salt in Chinese, so I asked for the next best thing.  Minyak cap kapak!  This they definitely had.  Within minutes, someone produced a bottle of feng you and after rubbing it on her nose, she regained consciousness within seconds.  The paramedics arrived soon after and brought her to the Emergency Department.   And I paid my bill and left.

So the next time you’re caught off guard in a resuscitation outside the hospital, and feel helpless and unequipped, remember, F for feng you!!! (Don’t quote me) 😉

Double Trouble

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“Twice the smiles, twice the hugs,

twice the troubles, twice the tugs,

Twice the diapers, coos and sighs,

twice the fun and late night cries.

Two stuffy noses, two first smiles,

double the joys and double the trials.

Twice the wonder a baby brings,

twice the feelings that make your heart sing.

Two gifts from God on one joyous day,

and double the love He sent your way.”

Love your chubby cheeks to bits!!! 🙂

God’s Special Child

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Came across this — brought tears to my eyes.

Simple words, but deeply meaningful.


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Is what came to mind when I saw this.  Gorgeous.