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of musicals and memories

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When you’re sixteen going on seventeen waiting for life to start

Somebody kind who touches your mind will suddenly touch your heart

The first time I watched Sound of Music was back when I was in primary school.  I remember back then, TV2 airs long movies with a break after two hours for the night news.  And if you were still awake after that, you could catch the ending of the show. I usually fall asleep before the news ends, but I distinctively remember staying up for the ending of Sound Of Music.  And for many many more times after that.  I have probably watched it more than 10 times up till now and know all the songs by heart!  I don’t know…there’s just something about musicals that captivates me.  I marvel at the way the stories are told through song and dance and the way everything is choreographed to fall together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.  Well, a friend of mine would beg to differ — after watching the movie version of The Phantom of the Opera with her, she lamented that there was too much singing and why couldn’t they just speak the words! 😉

Am glad I managed to catch the stage version of Sound Of Music last weekend — it was indeed nourishing for the soul, especially after the trying week I had.  Although it had its differences from the movie version, but nonetheless watching it on stage evokes a different feeling altogether.  Hhmm, maybe it’s time for a rerun…time to dig out that DVD…

I wonder when I can fulfill my dream of catching Phantom of the Opera on stage? 😉


Odynophagia. The Iatrogenic Kind.

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When I came across this awhile back, I never thought I’d have a use for it.  Looks like I was wrong.

No brainer vs. No brain

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Between risking irreversible permanent brain damage and missing a kenduri, which would you choose for your baby?

Thought it’d be a no brainer? Well, apparently not, because some actually choose no brains.

It’s mind boggling how ironic life is.

On one hand, we do all that we can and try so very hard to ensure the best possible neurological outcome for the fragile premature babies under our care because we know how vulnerable these babies are and how everyday is precious to their loved ones.

On the other hand, we have healthy good-sized babies, whose future may be jeopardized because they were risked permanent brain damage by their parents — for trivial reasons I cannot comprehend.

Not the first time, won’t be the last.  Brainless.  Speechless.

Do You Know Who I Am?

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Who starts a conversation with that?  Seriously???

Imbeciles, that’s who.  Don’t freaking come to my ward and and throw your weight around and “Do you know who I am” me repeatedly.  Frankly speaking, I don’t know and I don’t give a damn who you are but I do care that you misuse your power and authority and abuse your rights, or whatever rights you think you have to exploit my patients under my care.  Don’t pretend to be noble and above all, don’t pretend that you want to help because all you intend to do is parasite on other people’s misfortunes for your own benefit and glory.  And tell your minions to cultivate some manners, because they certainly need it.

So STOP asking me “Do You Know Who I Am?” because I DON’T GIVE A CRAP!!!

So the drama!

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Is exactly what my weekend was.

It all started when I reached home on Friday.  I stepped out of the elevator and the air stank of cigarette smoke — which was odd considering no one there smokes.  And I didn’t even see any cigarette butts lying around, just extinguished, leaving such a strong smell.  I cautiously made my way to my apartment, and when I turned my key, the gate sprang open — as if someone had pulled on it before.  Hhmmm…again, strange.  I was already on the alert when suddenly I heard men’s voices behind me coming from the stairwell.  I literally jumped out of my skin and was immediately prepared to fight-or-flight when I saw four men appear behind me.  One of them asked if I lived here and of course I asked who they were.  Imagine my surprise when he said they were cops.  However, his next question was even more shocking — Are you dealing drugs?

I wonder what he actually expected me to answer… Anyway, apparently they got a tip that someone in my apartment is a drug dealer (don’t look at me!) and they have been staking my place for awhile.  Unfortunately for them, I was away the whole of last week.  He asked if they could come in and take a look at my place, and after scrutinizing his ID, I let them in thinking if I didn’t, I’d look guilty, isn’t it?  They came in and had a look-see, took down my details and asked a few questions.  And finally satisfied that I’m probably not the drug dealer they were looking for, they left.

And it was only after I recovered from shock and when I was telling friends about what happened that paranoia began to set in.  Fueled by too many episodes of Criminal Minds and TVB dramas, our imaginations ran wild and my paranoia grew by leaps and bounds.  What if they were not real cops?  What if they were actually criminals who are going to come back and rob me and chop me into pieces?  What if they planted hidden cameras in my home when I wasn’t looking?  The “what if” game went on and on and it was not looking good.

Within the hour, I called the police station the cops said they were from, and explained my predicament — that all I wanted was a confirmation if there was in fact an investigation at my building.  Unfortunately, I was ridiculed and the officer who answered my call insisted that as long as they had IDs, they must be real.  He asked if they took anything, I said no.  He asked if I was unharmed, I said for now yes, but who knows what will happen later?  Anyway, he was extremely unhelpful and a waste of my time.

That night, I almost wanted to not go home, but decided I could stay in a hotel forever so I dashed home and locked myself in.  That night, I jumped at the tiniest sounds and had a restless night.

The next day, I decided to go to the police station to clear things up as I desperately needed my peace of mind back.  The officer at the entrance of the main station was again extremely unhelpful.  He tried to brush me away with the same statements like “If they had IDs, they must be genuine”, “If they had IDs they do not need warrants to search your house” etc.  I felt like an idiot explaining to him that criminals nowadays are very intelligent and tech-savvy and can easily make fake IDs and painted the scenario of the consequences that will occur if they were not real cops — basically the scenario ends with me being chopped up again.  Finally, he pointed me to the narcotics building and so I went.

Again, when I reached the entrance, I explained my predicament and what I wanted all over again.  Of course, I was greeted with the same questions and statements but luckily there were 2 more senior officers who were there at that time who took me seriously and one of them decided to make a phone call.

One phone call.

That was all it took to confirm that indeed, the men who were at my place were indeed cops.  With a sigh of relief, I thanked them and left, although I was irked that they made things so difficult for me.  I have been a law-abiding citizen, I co-operated with your investigation without hesitation and as a result of that, I lost my peace of mind which could be restored with you just making one phone call.  I don’t think that’s asking too much, do you?  You never realize how important peace of mind is, until you’ve lost it.  Trust me.

I’ve learned a lesson from this episode — so the next time someone comes knocking on my door saying they’re cops, I’ve come up with a plan, and won’t panic like I did this time.  Once bitten, twice shy.  Although there better not be a next time!


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*Overheard during breakfast*

Boy : Where’s Papa?

Mum : Papa’s gone for a meeting upstairs.

Boy : Meeting? Why? Why has he gone for a meeting?

Mum : (whispering) Papa’s gone up to the toilet.  Remember what Papa says when he has to go to the toilet — that he has to go for a meeting?

Boy : Ohhhhhh…yes…

Mum : Now where has Papa gone?

Boy : Papa has gone for a meeting! *grins*

Upon sighting a huge-ass monitor lizard from the corridor (as big as a small crocodile!)

Cool Aussie Mum (CAM) : Yeah…that’s a huge one, isn’t it?

Me : *shocked* You can say that again!!!

CAM : Yeah…there’s a few of them around.  They hang around the kitchen area and snatch a chicken or two when they can.

Me : Wow…okay.  It looks scary!!!

CAM : I’m going to look for my son.  My husband called up and asked if the little one is with me and I thought he was with him.  I better go and see what he’s up to.  Hope he hasn’t been eaten by the monitor lizards! *grins*

Me : Right…..

On the beach…

Boy : Have you seen the purple thing?

Me : Oh, here it is, attached to the truck.

Boy : I better tie the boat on tightly this time.

Me : Yah, otherwise it will get washed away into the water.

Boy : Oh, don’t worry.  If it gets into the water, the waves will just bring it back to the shore.  It’s only natural. And it won’t get lost.  It’s only plastic – it will float. (in a matter-of-fact way)

Me : Right… *malu*

Boy : Can you keep an eye on it and tell me if it goes missing?

Me : Err…okay!