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Doctoring. Parenting.

Posted in doctoring tales, kidz talk on March 26, 2011 by twotwoeight

Good at one. Bad at the other.

You know how when kids throw a tantrum or merajuk you are not supposed to give in to their whims and demands so as to discipline them? Well, I gave in, because the little girl who merajuk was a patient in my ward whom we thought we were going to lose, not just on one occasion, but instead is now miraculously on her way to recovery 6 months down the line although with some difficulties walking and talking.  She hates physiotherapy.  She hates eating.  She is on a tracheostomy and is so lazy to bring her left hand up to occlude her tracheostomy tube to vocalize.  But that afternoon, she walked out from her intensive care bed by herself, to the cubicle where I was doing rounds and called out to me to tell me she was angry at me because I didn’t see her that afternoon. 

I stopped my rounds, and as I walked her back hand-in-hand, she smiled cheekily.  Would I do the same again? You bet.  😉


conversations in the elevator

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Was rushing home during lunch to print something the other day and as I beeped my car shut, I could see the anticipation light up in her face — the old aunty must have been waiting for quite some time for someone to buzz her in, with her ta-paued lunch in her hand.

She : You work in the office ah?

Me : Huh??

She : Are you going up?

Me : Yes Aunty…

She : Good, good…I forgot to bring my zap card.

Me : Oh….no problem…

She : Thank you…thank you….

(as we entered the elevator…)

She : 18th floor please…which floor are you?

Me : Oh…same floor.

She : You stay opposite me ah? I stay on the left side.

Me : Err…don’t think so.  I stay on the right…

She : So, you work in the office ah?

Me : Err…yup.

She : Come back for lunch?

Me : Yaloh…

She : So you’re not married yet, are you?

Me : Huh??? Err..nope.

She : You must search slowly ah…must wait for the right person, you know…

Me : Errrrrrrr….okay.

*ding* (luckily we reached our floor)

Me : (Phew) Okay Aunty…we reached already. Bye-bye.

She : Okay, okay…thank you ah…remember to wait for the right one, okay?

Me : Err, okay….byeeeee

I was so perplexed by her that I actually tripped on an uneven tile while exiting the elevator and ended up with a bruise on my foot!

Note to self : Avoid Aunt Agony next time… 😉

Room with a View.

Posted in professional tourist in the making, through the lens on March 5, 2011 by twotwoeight

Breathtaking @ negeri di bawah bayu.

More later…