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I’m a lobster with broken legs now!

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Greetings from Prague! Mini-update…

I can’t believe I walked 5 consecutive hours yesterday in Prague.  Well, today I did 11.5 hours straight!  My shoulders and neck are burnt to a searing vermilion…and my legs feel like they don’t quite belong to me anymore!  But I couldn’t be happier! 🙂 Spent the first half of the day sightseeing, taking in the magnificent architecture of this ancient city and the second half indulging in some retail therapy! Touristing and shopping – two of my absolute favourite pastimes…what a heavenly combination.

Me, the aspiring professional tourist.  That’s the Lesser Town of Prague in the background.  I’m standing on the famous Charles Bridge — I must have crossed this bridge 6 times! One of the statues there is well-known to bring luck and if you rub the base and make a wish, rumour has it that it will be granted.  No prizes for guessing what I wished for.

Left some traces of my presence in Munich…

This was what I had for dinner in Munich the other day in my room — one of the most unusual dinners I have ever had.  I must say I have never tapau-ed pork knuckle in my entire life!  Take my word for it…it was super delicious! 🙂 I know some people who must be salivating now, hehehe.

Will be going to Vienna tomorrow…till then,



Memories of England

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I decided to treat my post-exam depression by going to see one of the seven wonders of the world. It is indeed magnificent.

I foresee that I am going to despise London, solely for the reasons that I will have to return to this place.  Before that happens, I am going to try and love it, as much as I can.

Will be off to Munich tomorrow…till then 🙂

There’s a 104 days of summer vacation

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and school comes along just to end it,

So the annual problem of our generation is finding a good way to speeeeennnnd it.

I already know exactly how I’m gonna spend my vacation…I just need to get through this.

2 more days.

the meaning of stupidity

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Hahahahahha….got this in my mail, cracked me up to bits!  Just had to share it!  A hearty laugh is always good exercise for the lungs 😉

As good as it gets.

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I love…

The assortment of fruits that always tempt me at the supermarket.

The variety of super-convenient apparently “healthy” food.

Salmon salad — at home.

Looking up from my books to see Bracken the bright-eyed badger smiling at me. (*He’s getting cuter by the day, pw!)

Unorthodox art on the walls of the cardiac clinic!

And the thing that put a smile on my face today despite having a viral fever?  Chatting with my mum over MSN about “bibi” kettles 😉 Hahahahahaha.

This one is for your viewing pleasure, PW 🙂

The English tea

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“Oh no…it’s you two again!!” — is the fond greeting we get when we go to the Neuroscience Outpatients Department nowadays. No, seriously…I really mean fond.  The nurses at the clinic who see us so often now have grown accustomed to these two lost-looking souls prowling around their corridors that I’ve come to love the smiling faces and cheeky grins around each corner, the “Are you alright?” that I get consistently that initially, I wondered if I’m walking around with a thousand question marks on my face, and who can forget the tea and bicsuit which they diligently bring to us each time we’re in clinic.

Initially we found the tea a little strange, as it was plain tea with milk and no sugar and being Malaysians, we were used to the teh ais kind of texture.  But I must say, I’ve grown accustomed to it and am loving this “English tea” with a sweet snack in the midst of a clinic session! 🙂

In a foreign place when you’re thrown out of your comfort zone, and everything is new, you will be surprised at how familiar faces and small routines can help give you a sense of belonging.   Small things…but they make my day.

PS/ You know, I think I’m going to miss them when I leave…although I do look forward to seeing the familiar faces in our own Paediatric Clinic…especially Kak Sally and Kak Kiah.

a transition

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From snacking on this…

to this!