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the months leading up to June…

Posted in cloudy days, penny for my thoughts on April 28, 2010 by twotwoeight

These past few months have been somewhat…challenging.  I find myself doing things which I normally would not and constantly pushing myself out of my comfort zone.  Fear, is a great motivator.  I hope and pray my efforts will not be in vain.

Life has been revolving around the exam that I live and even dream it.  So I was pleasantly surprised that the one thing I dislike the most actually brought me some solace and hiatus from my anhedonia — housework.  As I swept and vacuumed away to my heart’s content, my thoughts wandered away to happier times and carefree days.  The radio played “Tears in Heaven” then, and I was brought back to many years ago when a friend played that song on a guitar, by the sea accompanied by the soft lapping of the waves and caressed by the gentle sea breeze.

I can’t wait for life to start again.

Till then…