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Ever wondered why the nicest songs are always the saddest ones?  Must get someone to sit down and translate this for me one day…


A timeless classic

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Beautiful lyrics.

Strong vocals.

Brain food

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Something I read today…

“Remember, once the ear pieces of the stethoscope are firmly in place, it is the quality of the gray matter between them that is the key element in accurate paediatric cardiovascular assessment.”

Hhmm, luckily I chose the correct thing for dinner last night.

Looks like I’m gonna need lots of this…

My favourites

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I absolutely love photographing babies and children.  And here is why…

Caught Ethan with this very intense and contemplative look, you just know he is going to be a very wise person.

Zi Ni, my niece.  Her puppy-dog eyes are so mesmerizing and has that right glimmer of cheekiness.

Can’t believe how much Qian Qian has grown since I last saw her!! She’s such a pretty girl 🙂

Doesn’t he just look like he’s hungry all the time? This is the tam chiak (food crazy) look, which is so adorable, on babies.

And finally, a great big sincere smile.  Love the way his whole face lights up and eyes twinkle when he breaks into a smile.

Now tell me, how not to fall in love with them? 😉

Have a great weekend everyone!

The advantages of a cushy derriere

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I was groping around in my sling-bag last night for my pen when to my surprise, my fingers clasped round a ball-like object.  I was shocked when I saw this!!

Nope, no one is out to “get me”, if that’s what you’re thinking.  I must have decapitated my poor pen when I fell on my bum earlier during rounds. Darn it.

I can still remember vividly the last 2 times I fell on my bum.  Once was when I was cooking maggi mi goreng for supper with my younger sister and while I was walking to the stove with the onions, I slipped on the floor mat and fell flat on my bum! We did eventually finished making supper and ate it if I remember correctly… 😉

The other time was back when I was living in Kuching during my varsity days.  I had just showered and stepped out of the bathroom when suddenly, the next thing I knew, I was looking at the ceiling.  Turns out, I slipped on the slippery floor because my puppy, Baby had stolen my floor mat and he actually sat there with his puppy dog eyes and head tilted to one side watching me cry as I had alot on my mind then and the fall was the final straw.  Well, I have to give Baby credit as he came over and climbed into my embrace after awhile.

Luckily, I didn’t really embarrass myself last night although I went down in front of my patient’s mother, a few house officers and also staff nurses.  Miraculously , I managed to fall gracefully, in slow-motion and having a big bum to cushion the fall helped! 😉 Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to save my beloved pen from being decapitated.  Oh well…

Little drops of kindness

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I ate pa wong food twice last week.  That means, I did not pay for my food twice…in one week.

First was when I went to pack lunch for my colleagues and only realized I left my purse in my labcoat when I reached the shop.  Thinking it would be too inconvenient to turn back, I braved myself and went into the economy rice shop anyway.  I approached the owner and wished him Happy Chinese New Year (build rapport…) and told him I had a problem, I needed to ta pau 5 packs of rice.  He was of course all smiles and said no problem, go ahead. And before I could explain myself,  he actually guessed the predicament I was in! Apparently, it happens quite often with doctors ;).  Mind you, this was my first time.  Well, I apologized profusely despite him being all nice and not even asking when I would come and repay him.

Couldn’t believe the same thing happened again when I went for dinner with pw at Wok and Pan last weekend.  After we had ordered our food only did I suddenly realize that I had forgotten to “refill” my purse with cash!  And to make matters worse, they did not accept credit card.  So after we finished eating, again I had to be “thick skin” and explain myself to the boss.  I assured him that I would be back in a jiffy as there was a bank in the next street.  Unfortunately, the ATM was faulty and so we had to drive to the nearest bank in Mahkota Parade.  Of course we had to get caught in the jam…so by the time we made it back to the shop, they were already closing.  I quickly ran inside and apologized profusely, trying to explain why it took me so long.  The boss was so nice, he didn’t even ask any questions, instead he kept reassuring me saying it was not a problem, don’t worry about it, take your time etc.  I was really pleasantly surprised.

You know, it is reassuring that in this cynical and realistic world, there are people out there who are willing to trust and have faith in perfect strangers.  It is nice to know that sincerity comes back to you, when you least expect it.  Although I better not make a habit of going out penniless! 😉