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the parking bully

Posted in cloudy days, doctoring tales on May 15, 2009 by twotwoeight

Upon coming back from lunch yesterday, the slow crawl within the grounds of the hospital in the scorching heat led to a climax of irritation when I reached my allocated parking lot only to find it being occupied by an unknown car.  And that was not the first time this particular car had been occupying our department’s parking lot despite being left polite notes on the windscreen in both English and Bahasa Malaysia.

car park

I decided I’d like to meet the owner of this car who I could only conclude did not comprehend the two most widely spoken languages in our country and left another note on his windscreen with a contact number.  I went back to work as usual.  No phone calls.

After 5pm, as I neared my car, I saw the owner of the said car sitting inside his car and he didn’t look pleased.  I wonder why.  So I walked up to him and saw that he was an attendant in the hospital and politely told him he had parked in my deparment’s allocated parking space.  Again.

Me : Did you know that you’re parked in my allocated spot?  This 3 parking spaces belong to my department.

Idiot : So?  I couldn’t find a parking.  And I have to go to work.

Me : Yeah….that does not mean you can park in my place.  I came back from lunch and had no place to park because you took my place.  I have to go to work too.

Idiot : So what do you want me to do? Just dump my car in the middle of the road, is it?

Me : *trying to refrain from whacking him* Noooooo…you will just have to go round until you find a parking spot like everyone else.

Idiot : So you’re saying all these parking lots belong to someone?

Me : Yes…as I have already mentioned.  The sign clearly says “Tempat letak kereta ini dikhaskan untuk doktor pakar and pegawai perubatan sahaja”.  See?

Idiot : (looking really dissastisfied) Fine.  I will go and tell the Pengarah about this.

Me : Go ahead and cry to the Pengarah, you a$$hole, I’m reeeeaaaaally scared.

Of course that last sentence only formed in my head and was never vocalized.  I merely smiled my sweetest smile (actually it was a sarcastic smile in disguise) and said by all means, go.  As I exited the carpark, I stopped to talk to the guard who was supposed to be guarding the parking lot.  You’ll never guess what his reply was when I questioned why he let that car in.

“Because he said he is Samy Vellu’s relative!  What was I supposed to do??”

OMG x infinity.  I need to find a sword and fall on it.  Or find a more powerful relative.


much ado about the flu

Posted in doctoring tales, kindred spirits on May 6, 2009 by twotwoeight

“All those who are pregnant will be exempted from handling Influenza A(H1N1) cases”, said Boss.

Dr.X & Dr.Y (simultaneously) : Let’s go get pregnant ASAP!

Dr.X : Yah, yah.  Tonight!

Dr.Y : Can’t.  I’m having my period now lah.

Dr.X : Oh…too bad.  You’re gonna miss the window of opportunity then.

Dr.Z : Go for artificial insemination lah.

Dr.X : Why? Go and have some fun while you’re at it lah!

Dr.Y : Afterwards get all kinds of diseases!

Dr.X : Be choosy lah.  Hey, you know what? I think I’m ovulating now! How convenient! *beams*

Dr.Y : Sshhhh!!!

Why? Did you think this was going to be a serious intellectual discussion about the latest updates on Influenza A? 😉