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for 2 weeks!

🙂 🙂 🙂


Referral of the month

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I was seeing a patient in clinic today when I received a phone call…

Mr.X : Hello, I’m X, AMO (medical assistant) from Klinik Kesihatan XXX.  I would like to refer a case to you.

Me : Ok, what case is it?

Mr.X : I have a 1 month old baby, who has a rash on the right temporal region (part of the face).

Me : Ok………..

Mr.X : I just want to ask…is this rash going to be permanent or is it going to go away?

Me : *crik…crik…crik…* Huh???  What do you think it is?  Can you describe the rash?

Mr.X : Oh…it’s dots…red dots.

jaw drop

*Jaw drops to the ground & alot of unspeakable symbols coming to mind*

Response Number 1 – Please hold on, let me connect you to God, Dermatology Department.

Response Number 2 – Give me your co-ordinates and I will look into my crystal ball.

crystal-ball consultation

Response Number 3 – What the $#*%^&”$%*#@^$*!!!!

Of course, being the diplomatic person I am (and plus the fact that there was a patient and her mother within close proximity), I went with Response Number 4 – Give them a referral letter to our Paediatrics Clinic.  And people wonder why there are always so many patients at government hospitals.


On a separate note, I was handed a referral letter from the Klinik Kesihatan to review…

Dear Doctor,

Referring to you this child for delayed walking.


Impression : CTEV (congenital talipes equinovarus) [a condition of the feet of which the above “cartoon” is not representative at all]

Differential Diagnosis : Congenital hip dislocation [need I say more, a condition affecting the hip]

Kindly see and do the needful.


Again, upon reading this many symbols came to my head.  Sigh…luckily I’m free from clinic for awhile after this.

Death by chocolate

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Temptation comes in small packages…

Chocolate indulgence

Indulgence is loss of will power and happiness.

Dark chocolate bomb

You know Forrest Gump’s signature line, life is like a box of chocolates, you’ll never know what you’re gonna get?  Well, for me, life is like a box of chocolates…gives me a headache everytime.

Tons better than the normal Ferrero Rocher, this bomb of bittersweet dark chocolate enveloped in a shell of chocolate crisp melts in your mouth leaving just that right amount of aftertaste.  It’s definitely worth it. 😉

Sabah, the land of the rain

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Went to Kota Kinabalu last week, not for climbing the famous mountain (I wouldn’t do it again for a million dollars), but for the 16th Annual Perinatal Congress.

We expected lots of this…

clear blue skies

Unfortunately, we were greeted with rain…every single day.

gloomy skies

Sigh… nevertheless, we still managed to steal a moment or two to see some interesting things.

Knick-knacks at the Filipino market

See the crab trying to make its way up from the rocks?  It made an abrupt u-turn the moment it heard us mention the word lunch!

Interesting sights

Of course our trip to Sabah would not be complete without indulging in a seafood dinner or two 😉

Seafood galore

I was delighted that we found pansuh ayam there!! Had never been able to taste this dish again since my days as a medical student doing community posting in Tebakang.  Although I must say the pansuh here is not as nice as I remember.

Of course the main purpose of coming to Sabah was to present our posters for the Perinatal Congress.  That was the source of my “butterflies”.

There’s just something about seeing your name in print 🙂 (Iknow, I know, cheap thrill!)

My pride and joy

All three posters from my department.  I must say, we were all rather pleased with the posters after many hours of nagging and scrunitizing.


Well, after 5 tiring days plus some diarrhoea, it’s back to sunny Malacca and to work.  I almost miss the rain now.


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and butterflies in my stomach.
Bad combination.

It’s about time!

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9th March 2009

Dear Diary,

After weeks of talking, they finally got around to renovating my house.  It’s about time!  I practically know every inch of my house by now, and seeing as I have grown considerably (in size as well as in maturity), I think my house needs an extension so as to stimulate further mind development.  After all, I do not think they are feeding my folate-fortified kuacis.

Little Bit's house extension

I was so excited to see them return with the parts in hand…unfortunately, they chose to return when I was deep in slumber.  So, while they were hammering away and shaking my house until I felt as if was in an earthquake, I tried my bestest to continue sleeping only to be awaken by an unexpected sound.  The sound of masking tape being peeled?  I peered out of the corner of my eyes and it immediately occured to me what had happened.  An error in calculation on their part resulted in the lack of one piece of equipment to complete the renovation.  How typical of them…sigh…careless humans.  But, in the end, I must say they did quite a good job.  Obviously they woke me up to try out the new features.  I was a little reluctant…but seeing as they lured me with kuacis, I decided to humour them and do a couple of rounds so as to officiate my new residence.

They left me in peace after they were satisfied with their “project” and I then took my own sweet time to sniff and prod every nook and cranny of the new house.  Not bad, not bad…I could get used to this.  Now, if I can only get them to enlarge the food bowl.


What are you looking at?

– Little Bit @ 7.31pm

the mystery of the missing maroon heels

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Sigh…it’s one of those days when anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.  Where the heck are my maroon heels?  I can’t even postulate where they might be as I have searched in every imaginable (and unimaginable) place and yet, they’re still nowhere to be found.  The best part is, I only realized they were missing when PW came down to borrow them!  Maybe PW was right…the shoe elves came and sneaked them off in the middle of the night.  Far-fetched…but I prefer this story to the one where they’ve been stolen by a friend with maroon heels fetish!


Anyway, to make things worse, CIMB Bank decided to further fuel my dissatisfaction with their customer service of late.  A few weeks ago, I had problems with my CIMB checks which caused me so much inconvenience and to this day, they have yet to give me a satisfactory answer for the problem.  Today, when I went to collect my new cheque book after 2 weeks from dropping of the request slip, the lady told me they did not process my request because I did not sign the form.  Two weeks…two weeks the form had been sitting on her table with my contact number staring at her and she did not have the courtesy to pick up the phone and let me know.  Huh?

To make things worse, I just found out that I have to pay for my registration fees first for a congress which I’m attending next week which was supposed to be sponsored.  With a cheque.  And my bill payment is also due next week.  Which I normally pay with a cheque.  La-di-la…

I am not obsessive.  Well, excessively obsessive, that is.  I believe everyone has to have some degree of obsessiveness in order to produce work of acceptable quality.  Especially if you are charging for your services or work.  The poster designing and printing for the upcoming congress is really driving me nuts!  After a whole afternoon of meticulous scrutiny, at the risk of portraying myself to be super fussy and a little crazy, I thought the poster was finally finished. To my dismay, when I reached home and opened the soft copy the designer sent me, the alignment had run off!  Aargghhhh…if I had a sword, I’d fall on it.  Maybe I should emulate the suicide bunnies now…

dvd suicide