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Sadistic humour…my favourite!

Posted in random bits on February 28, 2009 by twotwoeight

Check out my current fascination…The Bunny Suicides, by Andy Riley.

The rabbit processor

Bunny suicides 1

Marie-Antoinette wannabes




PS/ This is not related to my work in any way possible.


wishful thinking…

Posted in penny for my thoughts, random bits on February 8, 2009 by twotwoeight

wishful thinking

every now and then.

it was a wild, wild day…

Posted in doctoring tales, kindred spirits on February 4, 2009 by twotwoeight

when we had our annual Children’s Daycare Party last December.  Everybody had a blast! 🙂

Highlights from the party…

the stage

Happy, cheeky and colourful faces!

Happy kids

Animals on the “tree-trunks”…

cartoons on the pillar