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the toilet dilemma

Posted in doctoring tales, random bits on January 22, 2009 by twotwoeight

As I was lying on my on-call room bed at 5am after failing to resuscitate a boy with neuroblastoma, the sound of the dripping water in my toilet sent my mind into hyperdrive.  Many fleeting thoughts went through my head…random thoughts.

With each drop of water from the leaky faucet, I could actually imagine my money slowly trickling away to waste.  Well, actually it’s all your money too, if you are a tax-paying citizen.  The toilet has been leaking for as long as I have been on call no matter how many times we bring this matter up.  24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  I suppose the amount of water wasted could have filled an Olympic sized swimming pool.  A few times over.

And have I mentioned that the on-call room has this musty, damp feeling?  Some of my friends firmly believe it’s haunted.  The bed has this depression in the centre of the mattress such that you would be guaranteed with a backache every time you wake up.  And the mattress and bedcloths always has weird stains and smells which thank goodness due to overwhelming fatigue, can be obliterated with selective oblivion.  The toilet…I can only be so grateful that at least there is hot water now.  The sink has weird gunk stuck in it, the shower rail is broken, there is fungus everywhere, the toilet seat cover has been missing for ages,  and the window is shadily covered with old newspaper.  Well, who am I to complain…at least I have a room.  I know in some places, the active-call doctor doesn’t even have a room of their own.

Which reminded me of the time I had the “honour”/”bad luck” of going to the royal/VVIP ward in my hospital.  What an eye-opener!  I was gawking when I stepped into the ward because it resembled a five star hotel!  It was fully carpeted, wallpapered from ceiling to floor.  And don’t get me started on the toilet (which is actually the main point of our discussion today)!  Beautiful shiny tiles.  Clean and bright, with a lovely fragrance.  Sparkling white toilet with toilet seat cover intact, of course.  Shower equipped with hot and cold water.  Oh yeah, and there are a few of these “hotel grade” toilets there.

Hhmmm…I was wondering, how many times has this toilet actually been used?  If one could count the “BOR” (in this case, the Toilet Occupancy Rate), I’m pretty sure it’s less than 10%.  Well, of course my simple mind will see the obvious which is why can’t our toilets be half as nice?  Even a quarter, that would be enough.  Doesn’t it seem ridiculous that the people who serve the patients in the hospital, the doctors who do active call and sleep-in at the hospital regularly are not even worthy of a presentable room and toilet?  Wherelse, other parts of the hospital are being luxuriously furnished but underutilized.  Seems like a waste of money and resources, if you ask me.  But then again, I’m just a lowly civil servant who is sleep deprived.  What would I know, right? 😉


a belated birthday post…

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dedicated to my best buddy and housemate who turns the same age as me currently!!! There’s no denying it, Hss!!!  Anyway, age is just a number…we’ll always be kids at heart!

profile of my best friend

The many faces of Hss =p

the birthday cake

The sinfully delicious birthday cake courtesy of our multi-talented friend, Ah Nee.  We are all spoiled by now, no store-bought cake will satisfy our palates!!!

the proper group photo

Everyone smiling sweetly for the camera…

the crazy doctors

And you thought doctors were serious people…hah! 😉

Wishing you a great year ahead, Hss…with many more birthdays to come!  Thanks for being a great and irreplaceable friend 🙂

PS/ I know you guys are going to kill me for putting up that photo…but I just couldn’t resist!  You’ve gotta admit it’s funny!!!

of weddings and mini-reunions

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One of my best friends just got hitched and everyone was brimming with happiness from the celebration marathon .  It started with dinner at her hometown last weekend and I was glad to catch up with Chai, MH and Lish there.

Dinner at Simpang Empat

On Thursday, Mel, Koot and I drove over to Simpang Empat and spent the night.  The madness began the next morning at the crack of dawn!  The house was a flurry of activity as all her sisters and their families gathered and everyone was beaming with excitement.  After the torture of the groom’s entourage and tea ceremony, we all headed south to Kulai, where the groom’s house is.  We stayed at Palm Sofitel in Senai which was quite nice.  Boon Han arrived after lunch and we managed to catch up before the dinner.  The dinner was good as well, rather unique dishes and I was actualy stuffed after the 3rd or 4th course!  We left after breakfast and I konked out after reaching home, tired but happy.

Here are some snapshots of the wedding.

bride in the making

marrying off the last daughter

the "chi muis"

at the groom's place

the wedding dinner at Kulai

You know how some weddings leave that warm feeling in your heart?  Well, this is one of them.   Congratulations, my dear friend…I’m so happy for you 🙂

This is an angry post.

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Have been down with what I can only presume is a virulent stomach bug causing me to vomit and purge for 2 days.  Finished one roll of loo roll in a day…thank goodness it’s Royal Gold!  And I am eternally grateful to the person who invented the sitting toilet!

Started when I was on call on Saturday and it just got worse until I had to “abandon post” in the middle of the night to go home…and as I was driving past a cross-junction with traffic lights, a few STUPID Mat Rempits decided to make an illegal u-turn just as I was crossing the road.  So in a fight or flight situation, I swerved to the left, just in time to avoid killing those idiots (for which I totally regret now) all the while thanking my lucky stars that there was no other car in the lane next to mine as I did not even have time to look.  And then, of course they had to speed past my car after that with their asses hanging in the air trying to defy gravity and testing God’s will.

To all the Mat Rempits out there…in case you think that you are so brave and fearless and that the Daredevil is your father, please inject a little common sense into that thick skull of yours.  If you feel like being an asshole and putting your own life on the line by performing so-called heroic stunts, go do it in an abandoned place where you won’t harm other people who value their lives.  Go tempt death if you like, but DO NOT endanger others.  I seriously cannot see what joy you derive from doing stupid stunts like racing and performing gymnastics on your motorbike ON the road, but I can assure you that your death will be a painful one…when your brain is leaking out from your ears, your skull is so misshapen it doesn’t even look like a skull, your internal organs are ruptured and bleeding like a fountain, your face is destroyed beyond recognition and death may not even be the worst end to your life.  It’s when you sustain all those injuries and don’t die.  That’s when the suffering begins.

Yes, I am angry.

Christmas pictures

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A lovely end to the year…here’s wishing that 2009 will be a better year than the last.

christmas 2008

From the top : Dinner with good friends at Raffles before Christmas.  A prezzie for myself…a unique work of art from Joe’s Design (of Calanthe’s fame).  Chez looking enviously at my Christmas prezzie for Rachel.

Christmas gift exchange

Gift exchange at my house on Christmas day…what a riot!

sinful delights

Margarita and the most sinful but effective endorphin-surging dessert I’ve ever had…chocolate molten cake at Chili’s.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!!!