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Baby watercress!

Posted in gastronomical delights on October 30, 2008 by twotwoeight

One of the highlights of going up to Bukit Tinggi (BT) for me is definitely the food.  Just opposite Selesa Homes and next to the chinese temple are a few rows of shops dotted with restaurants catering to the crowd from Genting mainly.  It is here that I can be assured that the boss will not give me a funny look when I ask for baby watercress (sai yong choi miu) as when I do in restaurants back here.  The vege is so fresh and when lightly stir-fried with garlic, the combination is just perfect!

From the top : (Fa yuk) Thinly sliced pork belly deep fried to a crisp and drenched with a thick, fragrant sauce.  Also another dish which I’ve found only in BT.  A stir-fry of assorted mushrooms.   Frogs in ginger puree (tin kai).  Soon hock fish in claypot.  And we were also given a sample of this funky drink which was a rich magenta in colour.  Dragon fruit enzyme.  Errr…I’ll pass on that.

Maybe I should start growing my own baby watercress…


Things that go bump in the night

Posted in doctoring tales, random bits on October 29, 2008 by twotwoeight

So, I was on call last night and after answering a phone call (coherently) which I hoped would be the last of the distractions from my deep slumber, I drifted back to la-la-land and continued the dream which I was having before I was “rudely” awakened.

When I was suddenly aware that my dream was rather noisy.  I mean, what were the persistent thuds that I kept hearing?  And it dawned on me that the noises were not in my head, so to say…instead I was fully conscious.  Okay.  So I looked around for the source of the thuds.  Initially I thought something had fallen…and my heart almost stopped when I thought I saw the dustbin lid was moving.  Oh. My. God.  I could not see very clearly as I did not have my glasses on and I was praying fervently that my eyes were playing tricks on me.  Or that I was still dreaming.  I quickyly grabbed my specs and to my utmost horror, the dustbin lid was now clearly flapping open and close in front of my eyes.  If you were there, you would have seen that my pupils were fully dilated and my skin was bumpier than chicken skin.  Telling myself not to panic, I stood on my bed and switched on the light.  After all, weren’t supernatural beings supposed to be scared of light?  I contemplated running out and getting the security guard…but I was worried he would think I’m cuckoo or something.  And right when I was about to open the door, without warning, a white being flew out of the dustbin!

I’m telling you, my heart flew out at that exact same moment….when I suddenly realized that the ghostly creature was actually a cat!!!  It took me awhile to be relieved….but the relief quickly turned to fear as the cat was not your friendly neigbourhood kitty but a post-partum hormonal tabby who was probably as fearful of me as I was of her.  We had a face-off for the next few long and tense minutes with me standing on the bed ready to be clawed to death and her hissing fiercely whilst giving me the evil eye.  I decided that I didn’t want to bleed to death in the on-call room by myself and so I flung my door open in preparation for a quick getaway when I got the chance.  Hey, if she wanted the on-call room, I would gladly give it to her!!!

And just as suddenly as she appeared, without any warning, she leapt behind the curtains and disappeared.  I waited a couple of minutes before flinging the curtains aside to find that she was no longer in my room and the window was slightly ajar.  Hhmmm.

After jumping back into bed, I was wondering…how long had she been in my room?  Did she pee in my bed?  Did she walk on me while I was asleep?  Did she leave anything in my dustbin…like kittens?  Which means she’ll be back!  Or a dead rat.  Eeuwww.  I did not want to find out then.  And it suddenly dawned on me….I didn’t look to see if anyone was in the halls when I flung my door wide open!  Oh no, what a sight it would have been to see a half-asleep doctor standing on the bed…staring at a cat.  Darn it, how embarassing.

another year wiser

Posted in penny for my thoughts on October 24, 2008 by twotwoeight

So what’s in a birthday?  I still remember back when I was a kid, I used to look at the 20-something people and think that they were so big and had such exciting adventures.  And I always wondered what it’d be like to finally be an adult.  Well, now that I’m here now, it’s funny.  I still feel like a kid.  Although I can almost change the prefix of my age (as one of my friends put it), the feeling is not much different from when I was looking in awe at the big people.

What has growing up taught me?  Of late, I’ve come to realize what the important things are in my life.  And I’ve learned to be thankful for all that I’ve been blessed with, even the smallest things.  Looking back, some things which I thought were so important and which I was so adamant about, actually were only minute details in the big picture.  Maybe as we grow older, we stand further and further back, and widen our perspective when looking at things.  And maybe, just maybe, sometimes we can push ourselves to come out of the box.

So what’s in a birthday?  It’s a celebration of life…as you see it.


Quack Doctor?

Posted in doctoring tales, random bits on October 19, 2008 by twotwoeight

Hhmmm, I didn’t realize that I had sort of become synonymous with yellow rubber ducks.  Mummy called last night after she saw the latest Digi advertisement featuring a yellow rubber duck which reminded her of me.  And, the other day, while I was doing rounds, my favourite patient whom I had just discharged, came running into my cubicle shouting “Ya Ya Yi Sheng (Duckie Doctor)”, bye-bye!”. 🙂

I read an article in The Star recently on rubber ducks being potentially hazardous to one’s health due to it’s content, phthalates.  Well, of course this had me worried as it is one of my greatest distraction tools while examining patients.  That and the fact that I have a whole population of rubber toys sitting on top of my TV!!!

Well, luckily the American Council on Science and Health had an article on this subject…

The (Unfounded) Scare: Phthalates, often found in rubber ducks and other soft plastic toys, leach out into the mouths of children, posing risks to their health. Phthalates are added to polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as a softener for plastic items such as rubber ducks, pacifiers, intravenous medical tubing, examination gloves, catheters, and blood storage bags. They are also used in nail polish to prevent chipping and in perfumes to help the fragrance last longer.

The Bottom Line: Phthalates have not been shown to be harmful to humans at low-level exposure – only to rats at high exposures. They are extremely useful chemicals that are found in a wide range of everyday consumer goods. With that being said, it is no surprise that the general population have detectable amounts of this chemical in their blood. The important issue to stress is that the presence of a chemical does not necessarily mean that it is harmful – after all, it is the dose that makes the poison.

Phew………what a relief.

PS/ The populations has grown since the above photo was last taken 😉

miracles in your hand

Posted in random bits on October 18, 2008 by twotwoeight

Saw this photo during lunch that day, it’s called “Dare to Dream”.  How apt.

Do you feel inspired?

Congratulations………..moo………… ;)

Posted in kindred spirits, love on October 18, 2008 by twotwoeight

Attended my dear friend’s ROM today which was simple and sweet!  Congrats woman!!!  Remember when we first reported to GHM as houseman…and when we were bullied during our tagging to clerk all the cases…and when we finally found time to go for supper…and when we moved out of the crappy hostel…and when we nearly overslept in the bus to Sg. Petani…and much much more?  Thanks for being a great friend, Ming Yen.  I’m so happy for you!!!


Celebration of the October babies

Posted in gastronomical delights, kindred spirits, love on October 14, 2008 by twotwoeight

Had a long and scrumptious brunch at Paddington House of Pancakes last Sunday with Evie for her birthday.  For a few hours there, we felt like we were transported to another era, to another place…with Moon River and a string of oldies playing in the background and sinfully delicious food to savour.  How I wish we could do this every weekend!  (Note to self – next time, don’t sit facing the window and entrance!!!)

Evie, I’m waiting patiently for my teddy bear…and not the burnt one, okay!!

Now, if only Su was here too… 🙂