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In search of Teletubbies

Posted in doctoring tales, love, random bits on August 30, 2008 by twotwoeight

See, I have this patient.  She’s a lovely and bubbly 4 years old girl.  Even when she’s sick.  And has to be admitted to the hospital repeatedly.  And gets poked with needles.  And eats all sorts of horrible medicine.  And she still manages to flash a wide smile or talk excitedly about fairytale characters each time I see her.  The thing is, she has aplastic anaemia.  And her siblings are not matched for a bone-marrow transplant.  Which doesn’t leave her with much choices.  And she’s gotten alot sicker recently.

It used to be that she was amused with yellow rubber duckies that I carry with me to work, so much so that she refers to me as “Ya-Ya Yi Sheng” – (Duckie Doctor).  But recently, she developed a thing for Teletubbies.  Her mother was lamenting that she couldn’t find any Teletubbies merchandise for her, except for the occasional VCD.

So I went looking around in shopping malls whenever I’m back in PJ.  Fruitless.  My siblings suggested looking in the Pasar Malam.  So, off we went.  And at each stall, the same response we got accompanied with the “Why are you so outdated / which planet are you from” look from the old aunty or uncle was, “Teletubby?? Very old already loh.  Now where got?”.  Hhmm…so it’s on to online stores now.

Anybody knows where I can get Teletubbies clothing or toys?  It would make a little girl really happy.


How do you say goodbye?

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I tried to avoid his gaze, as from the corner of my eyes, I saw him persistently trying to catch my attention.  It’s not that I don’t want to talk to him as much as I didn’t know what the suitable words were, to say to him.  Eventually, I gathered my courage and walked over to him clutching on to my kidney dish in an act to widen the distance between us.  I could see in his questioning eyes that he somehow hoped I had some form of good news for him.

I wish I had.  Unfortunately, today is not the day that I would be the bearer of good news.  I tried to find the right words…less hurtful ones, to soften the impact and finality of the words.  But there is just no other way to tell a father that his little baby, who appears to be sleeping peacefully in his own tiny little world, whose tiny chest is rising and falling to the rhythm of the ventilator is actually close to going away…for eternity.  I explained the technicalities in as simple words as possible, showing him that his little hands and feet are not moving at all…which was obvious to his eyes.  He took it rather well, agreeing that there was no improvement at all compared to the previous day.

As I was detaching the numerous tubes and wires from his fragile body, I could hear his mother crying behind me, and yet trying to hold back the tears to be strong for her little baby.  It was one of the most painful thing to do, as I carefully placed the little bundle into his mother’s arms and awkwardly try to manipulate the ventilator tubings to be as unintrusive as possible.  But no matter which position I put it in, there’s just no hiding the fact that it is unnatural for a tube to be coming out of the little baby’s mouth.

I can imgaine how hard it is for his mother to believe that he is in a sense, dead…when she is cradling him and his body is warm and she can feel his little body move with each ventilator-driven breath.  As she plants kisses on his head and caresses his warm face, possibly for the last time, I couldn’t help but hold back my own tears.  She asked how long her baby will be like this, and all I could offer her was the painful truth which was “I don’t know”.  The only comfort was the reassurance that he was in no pain and will not suffer.  They did not want any photographs for remembrance…I guess the picture of a perfect and healthy baby in their minds will be the memory they want to preserve forever.

Addendum : The baby has gone to heaven.

Seeing red?

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When you talk about seeing red, the first thing that comes to mind is something bad.  Anger surges.  Tempers flaring.  Arguments.  Fights.

For me, it’s a good thing.  When you’re struggling to insert a 25-gauge branulla into the tiny invisible veins of a premature baby, seeing red is what you’re hoping for.  Every attempt, as you withdraw the introducer and cross your fingers (imaginarily, of course),  you can almost feel the suspense creeping up on you.  And as you suddenly catch the first glimpse of that tiny bright red droplet of backflow, signifying possible success, every cell in your body just wants to jump up for joy and do a little victory dance.  Trust me, I’m not exagerating…especially if you have already spent hours trying unsuccessfully…in the middle of night…when your eyes are half closed…when all the veins have been pricked and thrombosed.

The same goes for blood taking…the formation of that globule of blood at the end of the needle is just exhilarating!   Sends a rush of endorphin through your system.

So…………seeing red?   I’m loving it! 🙂

if there were uniforms for paediatricians…

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this is definitely getting my vote! 🙂

Lights! Camera! Action!

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Over the last 4 days, Malacca experienced an acute surge of paediatrics doctors and nurses.  Reason being?  Haha…MPA came and went.  This year, we had the ‘privilege’ of hosting this annual event and thus the concentration of kiddy doctors were in Holiday Inn, Malacca.

Highlights from the event…

The opening ceremony took place on Friday morning.  Since we are all kiddy doctors,  the highlight of course was the kiddies!  The cute and talented children from Tadika Kasih Sayang blew us away with their performances and I was thrilled with my job as ‘babysitter’ and bearer of evil fastfood!  Kids have come a long way since I was a kid, I must say!  Hahaha…I was truly impressed with their performances!

There was also the poster presentation although, not all the posters were presented…my department sent in 2 posters, but unfortunately, we didn’t take home any prizes.  Oh well, next year…next year.  Some of the posters were really impressive and some were huge!  Size does matter???

While the men were ‘hunting and foraging for food’, the womenfolk were taught to cook…or so it was, 10 million years ago!  The cooking demonstration by the famous Florence Tan drew a huge crowd!  Of course aside from drawing the menfolk as well, many of the kiddy doctors / ‘hunters’ were the womenfolk! 😉  Florence Tan…there is only one word to describe her.  ENERGETIC!  I wonder what batteries she’s running on…Energizer?  Unfortunately I had to attend to another more pressing matter (will tell all about it later), so I did not get to stay till the end for the food tasting 😦  I was told the food was delicious though!  Sigh…

The congress banquet was surprisingly fun, despite having to play mannequin/usherer.  The food was nothing to shout about…but the entertainment was entertaining.  Kenny and Fern entertained us with their ‘monologue’…but after awhile, I was seriously wondering if they mistook this ‘Paediatrics gathering’ as and O&G one instead because their jokes were leaning towards x-rated side!  Nevertheless, they made the crowd laugh and that’s the most important.

Since this is Malacca and all, half the guests and most of the committee members were dressed in kebaya…so here is the cast in full glory!

bye-bye 50 bucks!

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Attempted to weasel RM50 from our local newspaper…looks like it didn’t work.  I guess this is not as interesting as some poor guy’s misfortune or natural disaster!  Oh well…

Caught this while I was in MidValley a couple of weeks ago.

Caption : My first job – mattress tester

Poor baby…if she could talk, I’m sure she would have told her mummy and daddy to GO HOME NOW!  NO MORE SHOPPING!

perks of a talented housemate…with booze

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What a satisfying dinner…red wine mee sua.  Now, if only I could find some midin to fully utilize the red wine…

I miss midin!!!