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Jade’s “farewell” @ Raffles

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Ah Siao

Ah Siao

Staff nurse : Eh, siao means gila right?

Doctor : Yeah, why do you ask?

Staff nurse : That day I heard Dr. Ng calling Dr. Jade that lah!! How come ah? They don’t like each other ah?

Doctor : (smiles knowingly) No la…you must be mistaken.

*shouting in the background* Eh siao!!!

Staff nurse : There!!! See! See!

Doctor : Errr… (bengang)

It was only after we explained that siao in this case is not really intended to mean ‘gila’ , but more of an affectionate term we call her that the nurse stopped giving us funny looks everytime we called out to Jade.

Hey siao! We’re gonna miss you…but since you are moving on to greener pastures, by all means, go!!! Give me a buzz when you are back, we’ll meet at the pasar malam again!!! 🙂

PS/ The cheese tarts were homemade by my boss! Yummy…



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Last Sunday, Little Bit was hand-delivered to my house by some part-time pony-express (or rather hamster-express) workers…namely pw and Gerard. Had been anticipating his arrival for a few days already…was utterly relieved he made it alive and kicking, considering the fact I’ve had bad experiences with travelling animals! Rest in peace, Whisky and Tequila…I know I’m definitely going to bunny hell!

After Little Bit settled in, pw’s hungry stomach directed us to Bak Kut Teh in Melaka Raya…the place was packed! Luckily, we didn’t have to wait long for a table, or pw’s gastric juice would have burnt a hole through the chair! 1 hour later, tummy full of babi and feeling very sleepy, we headed home for a rest. Gerard actually konked out, and pw blames my so-called evil couch for it! But I must say, whenever they come down, they always end up falling asleep on my couch!

Went for The Dark Knight after that, and then to Wok and Pan to stock them up for their drive back to KL. We shared the Honey Barbecued Pork Ribs…which can give Tony Roma’s a run for their money!!!

Honey Barbequed Pork Ribs

Hey pw, Little Bit is getting used to his new house…and living a very healthy lifestyle! He runs non-stop on his wheel every night!!! Will put up pictures of him soon!

Don’t miss him too much! 🙂

Roadtrip : Batu Pahat

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What a lovely weekend, went for a roadtrip to BP last Satuday with Hss and Bluebear. Left Malacca about 10 plus after stopping for breakfast in Bear Hill. We reached BP close to lunchtime and went for the famous beef noodles in town. Yummy…the beef was so tender and the soup was excellent! His noodles are so good that the locals have not allowed him to retire!!!

Beef noodles, laksa (or Sa-Lak), Mee hoon kueh, Happy Uncle

Beef noodles, laksa (or Sa-Lak), Mee hoon kueh, Happy Uncle

Just after we finished lunch, I caught a whiff of something I’ve been craving for for awhile now…chin loong pau!!! Or ban chean kueh, as it is called there… So we ta pau some and went to savour it accompanied by ice-cold thirst-quenching cendol. Aahh…

Chin loong pau and cendol for dessert!

Chin loong pau and cendol for dessert!

After dessert, we went to Gary and Cecily’s (Hss’s friends) house. Ryan was sleeping when we arrived. The last time we saw him, he was still a neonate…how time flies! Hss bought a portable carrom board for Rachel and Reuben and they were so excited over the new toy!!! Try teaching rules of a new game to two very hyper kids!

Playing with their new toy, baby Ryan, Rachel the pretty girl and Reuben, who will grow up breaking quite a few girls' hearts!

Playing with their new toy, baby Ryan, Rachel the pretty girl and Reuben, who will grow up breaking quite a few girls' hearts!

We were goofing around with Ryan after he woke up and warmed up to us. He’s got such a sweet laugh!

The many faces of Ryan

The many faces of Ryan

After Gary came back, we all went for an early dinner at Chor Restaurant…and guess who I saw there? My ex-boss…and we were just talking about him earlier! After dinner, we left with heavy hearts and a promise to make another trip soon. 🙂

Cecily, Hss, Reuben, Ryan, Gary and Rachel

Cecily, Hss, Reuben, Ryan, Gary and Rachel

Thank you so much Gary and Cecily! 🙂

Cinema etiquette 101

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I love kids. Let me start by saying this is nothing against them.

Had a splendid weekend…the best I’ve had in ages. The only thing that spoilt it was the incident at the movie theatre. Went for The Dark Knight with pw and Gerard and we got very good seats near the back for which I was rather pleased. Unfortunately, not 5 minutes into the movie, the ‘lovely’ family consisting of 2 young kids and their parents right behind us started to make their presence felt. When Christian Bale made his appearance as Batman, the kids starting chanting his name…and proceeded to ask if there was Spiderman. Ok. Still not too bad. Then they got bored, and who could blame them for the movie was not catered for five year olds. And they started pacing to and fro within the leg space in front of them. Of course since the space was not made for gymasntics, they constantly bumped and whacked the back of our seats. Which…initially was tolerable, but like the throbbing pain of a migraine, it gets to you after a while. Especially after being told repeatedly to shush and stop kicking my chair. What irked me the most was that the parents just sat there nonchalantly and ignored the glares and evil stares people were shooting them and let their kids do whatever they want. I don’t blame the kids, after all, they are kids. It’s the parents who should have some common courtesy and decency to not disturb the peace of other patrons. We ended up shifting to the seats in the front rows because I was on the verge of having a sarcastic verbal diarrhoea episode aimed at them which would have been ugly.

I’m not against children going to the cinema or for family bonding time. If it were The Adventures of Spongebob Squarepants or Barney’s Day Out, I totally understand if kids shout and sing and dance in the cinema…but The Dark Knight??? Why bring small kids in the first place? And if you should decide to, then by all means, please control them and not let them annoy the life out of other people who go through the hassle of getting good seats and paying 10 bucks a seat for the same show but end up getting shortchanged because of your insensitivity. And pissed off.

I still love kids. It’s the parents I have trouble with.

Restless. Lost.

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I am restless. I feel the need to go. Somewhere. Anywhere. Seems that people all around me are whizzing off to exciting exotic places. I need to go. In all aspects. At some point in life, we come to a point where we feel stagnant and lost. And need a change. At times like this, it’s only wishful thinking that human beings all come with an instruction manual with a good troubleshooting guide. Sometimes I wish I had a crystal ball and could see what my future holds for me, and whether the decisions I’m making now are right or not. But, like I said, wishful thinking. So I guess it’s back to the trial and error method, even if it means going around in circles.

the stork makes a home visit

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Went to visit baby Rachel, gosh…she’s such a little cutie-pie! And full of expressions too!!!

🙂 🙂 🙂

*Photos courtesy of Rachel’s daddy

the evil fruit

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It’s the most…wonderful time…of the year…

Nope, it’s not Christmas yet, nor am I referring to the Mega Sales going on now.

It’s durian season again, yippee!!! Have not had the chance to have much yet…but there’s still time. There are plenty of myths surrounding the king of fruits, but how true each of them is remains to be seen. From the possibly explainable durian and alcohol kills to unexplainable ones like running your hand under the stream of water off the skin of the durian to rid your hands of the smell, everyone has their own beliefs. What about gargling with salt water or drinking salt water from the shell to remove the smell? I must say my family believes in the latter too, because each of us used to ‘book’ the biggest or deepest shell to drink from whenever we had durian. And recently, a friend told me that you cannot eat more than 2 pieces of wild durian at a time or you’ll be intoxicated. Hhmmm…

Talking about the stench of durian reminds me of the time I was laughing until my sides hurt and I was close to wheezing all because I suddenly had the image of hiding some durian under my brother’s bed. He absolutely cannot stand the smell, and I was imagining him searching high and low for the source of the stench. He thought I was so evil…hahahaha. Hey bro, you better be alert…it’s durian season again, hehe 😉