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my secret wish

Posted in cloudy days, doctoring tales on May 31, 2008 by twotwoeight

I wish I could do this…

But since it’s not possible, at least in the near future…my other secret wish is to be a signmaker.

If I were a signmaker…

At the elevators…

Please allow the people in the elevator to exit before you push yourself in.

Please proceed all the way into the elevator if there are many people trying to enter the elevator behind you.

At the Autopay machines…

Please refrain from letting your small kids attempt to pay at the Autopay when there is a line behind you.

Please prepare your money before you reach the Autopay machine.

At the clinic…

Please refrain from singing creepy songs at the clinic waiting area.

Please refrain from complaining about the long waiting hours etc. when you are within earshot of the doctor in the consultation room.

Please do not ask unnecessary questions eg. not relevant to your baby’s condition at all when there are tons of people still waiting to be seen.

Please refrain from turning up as and when you please at the Specialist’s Clinic and expecting to be seen STAT.

Even if you are under follow-up at the Specialist’s Clinic, please refrain from coming to the Specialist’s Clinic without appointment for an acute problem which should be dealt with at the emergency department or outpatient clinic.

Please do not complain of the long waiting hours when you turn up 3 hours before your appointment time and have to wait.

Please understant the meaning of KLINIK PAKAR.

At the parking lot…

Please do not park at the doctors’ parking lots.

Please do not double park blatantly and stupidly.

Please do not pretend that you do not know you parked in the doctors’ parking lots when the sign is SO big and obvious.

Please do not drive at 5km/hour because you have alot of time on your hands when there is a line behind you.

Please do not leave your car inconsiderately all over the hospital grounds causing obstruction to others’ way.

In general…

Please do not exhibit your stupidity in it’s extreme.

Please conserve your foolishness for further use.

Please exhibit a pinch of civic-consciousness each day to prevent it from being extinct.

What signs would you like to make?


one for the Teletubbies

Posted in doctoring tales, random bits on May 30, 2008 by twotwoeight

As much as I dislike them, I must say they keep my kids happy and occupied in clinic…

So what can I say? 1 for the Teletubbies, 0 for twotwoeight.

On an unrelated note, a child who was fairly ill and had many admissions previously came for follow-up recently and the baby is doing so much better than I expected…thriving and developmentally appropriate. It would put a smile on your face too if you saw her! 🙂

a moment of reflection

Posted in love, random bits on May 29, 2008 by twotwoeight

In times of adversity, human strength prevails. Below is an excerpt from Global Voices Online…

Second poem by Zhang Suning, inspired by the events during earthquake rescue operation.

My darling baby, if you’re alive, then mum is too

by Zhang Suning (Translated from Chinese to English, by Yuhua Hu)

If you're alive, so is mum
When the rescuers found her, she had died, killed by the house that collapsed. She died in a very unusual posture. She was kneeling on the floor, the whole upper body stretched forward with her arms supporting her whole body. The posture looked like the kneeling Koutou etiquette in ancient China, but her body was completely distorted by the pressure. When people cleared away the rubble around her, they found a baby was lying underneath her body, wrapped up in a small red blanket with golden patterns. The baby was about 3, 4 months old. Because of the protection from his mother’s body, he was still peacefully asleep when found. The rescuing doctor found a mobile phone inside the blanket, and on the screen of the phone, there was a message ‘My darling baby, if you survive, please remember I love you’.

My darling baby, if you’re alive, then Mum is too

My darling baby, you are still alive
It was Mum who had given you life

It was the second time Mum had given you life
The other time Mum was in great pain
This time Mum is in heaven above
–but now Mum can kiss you no more

My darling baby, you are still alive
It was Mum who had given you life

It was the second time Mum had given you life
Mum gave up her future for your future
Mum sacrificed her life for your life
–and now Mum will only appear in your dreams

Mum must have fed you for the last time
Mum must have changed your nappy for the last time
Mum must have kissed you again and again, till her last breath
Mum must have kept talking to you, till the last moment

My darling baby, you are alive, this was Mum’s hope
My darling baby, as long as you’re alive, Mum’s hope goes on
–a hope that was sheltered by a delicate body
–a hope that was raised up by an immortal life

My darling baby, if you are alive, then Mum is too
Mum’s blood is running in your vessels
Mum’s genes are thriving in every one of your cells
My darling baby, if you are alive, then Mum is too
You are Mum’s dreams in heaven
You are the resurrection of Mum’s life
My darling baby, if you are alive, then Mum is too
You are the extension of Mum’s life
You are the eternity of a mother’s love
My darling baby, if you are alive, then Mum is too
Forever alive, in your life

This story is heard from a doctor in the frontline. On 13th May, a rescue team found the body of a young mother in the rubble near Dujiangyan, protecting her 3 or 4 months old baby using her body. The mother was still breast-feeding the baby when she died. The baby was still suckling, but the mother had already passed away. The mother won the battle against the time for her baby, feeding and keeping her child alive with her love and courage.

Whatever shitty things that I thought I had to go through and huge problems I had suddenly seem so minute and petty compared to what these children and their families are going through. My heart goes out to all those affected by recent natural disasters…to both the victims, and the survivors. I will remind myself each day to cherish what I have and to be thankful, for everything.

tragic but funny like crazy

Posted in gastronomical delights, kindred spirits, random bits on May 26, 2008 by twotwoeight

Had a good weekend meeting up with an old friend and a new one. Of course it was full of eating and eating and eating. 😉 After dinner at the Teochew restaurant, we went for the customary stroll along Jonker Walk…and something caught my eyes! I saw Happy Tree Friends’ t-shirts for sale! Muahahahaha…I’ll definitely be back!

For the benefit of those who have never been entertained by Happy Tree Friends, they are a bunch of tragic, accident-prone but absolutely adorable animals whose stories constantly end up bloody with lots of internal organs being externalized. But not in a eeuuww gory way, of course. I used to have a couple of their videos in my handphone which keeps me entertained when I’m on call. Of course, laughing to oneself tends to generate strange looks, especially from the nurses!

The Happy Tree Friends Gang…before the tragic scenes…

Scenes from a typical Happy Tree Friends story…

My favourite character…Lumpy!!!

Go check out the videos –

Kuching – revisited

Posted in gastronomical delights, kindred spirits, love, professional tourist in the making on May 22, 2008 by twotwoeight

Last weekend, I took a trip down memory lane…and what a lovely trip it was. As the plane was about to land in Kuching International Airport, a myriad of emotions flooded me. But I was definitely happy to be back. Going around town and seeing all the familiar places brought back many memories…some good, some bad. But mostly good. You know how in movies when the lead actor is about to meet his doom and his life flashes before him? Well, it was something like that, but not so drama! 😉 Surges of warm feeling upon setting eyes on familiar sights, punctuated with the surprise of seeing new ones. Spectacular!

So what do I miss about Kuching?

Old friends of course…familiar faces. Reminiscing about the good old days. Sharing stories of each other. Gossip! Especially appreciate Chai playing tourist-tour guide these few days! 🙂

Old houses. Fond memories. Floods. Many late nights spent burning the midnight oil. Breakfast places. University. Refuge for solitary moments of peace.

UNIMAS has progressed so much. One part of me is envious of the new students…another part of me is proud that it has come so far since it’s humble beginnings in Kota Samarahan. When I first set my eyes on the Samarahan campus, I honestly thought I had accidentally walked into a resort, it being filled with wooden chalets and all. In many ways, campus life was fun…and also a test of endurance. More so with the comforts of home removed.

Of course one cannot talk about Kuching and not mention the gastronomical delights! Sarawak laksa is so yummy it leaves me speechless! Actually, I totally lost my voice secondary to laryngitis before I started indulging myself so I guess I only have myself to blame.

From the top left hand corner :

Salad chicken rice, kueh chap – coffee shop in Kenyalang Park

“The” authentic Sarawak Laksa – Chong Choon cafe

Famous ‘red’ kolok mee, kueh chap – KY Cafe

Kampua mee, ginger wine mee sua – Da’Light foodcourt in King’s Centre

Enriched Sarawak Laksa, kong pia, ding pien hu – Tabuan Jaya foodcourt

Famous ‘sio bee’ & homemade soyabean drink – Open air market at Electra House

Display of kueh lapis – shop at Waterfront

Red wine midin – JoJo cafe

Chicken rice – previously at marketplace shop now at a shop behind Hock Lee Centre

Kampua mee & kopi-o – Bormill food centre

Beef noodles with mixed beef stew and beef slices – Lam’s place

Ta da!!!

🙂 All in all, a wonderful 4 days. I’ll definitely be back!

Attention : MUMMY!!!

Posted in family, love on May 21, 2008 by twotwoeight

Hey Ma, is this clear enough??? Hee hee…

Was eating the steam chicken and tung hoe and thinking how lucky I am to have home-cooked meal here!!

You’re the best!!! Thank you!!! 🙂

a day in the life of Womble

Posted in random bits, through the lens on May 17, 2008 by twotwoeight

Hello…my name is Womble and I’m a psychotic raccoon.

I’m bored with studying…and I’m hungry.

Heyyyyyy………..rabbits. Hehe…snack time!

I’ll drug them with some spiked coffee…those greedy little critters will never suspect a thing!

Here little wabbits…have some yummy coffee…muahahahahahahahaha!

Whoa…..I feel woozy…. what the…. aarrggghhhhhh!!!!

Attack!!! Muahahaha

Go away, you crazy raccoon…stop biting me!!! Help!!!

Take that! *kapow* And that *punch*, you psycho raccoon!!! Hah! Serves you right! He’s down!!!

Oh yeah…not so easy!!!

Ow ow ow ow ow….stop pulling my ears!!!

Aha! Gotcha!!! Yum yum……

Buuuuurrrrrppppppp! Darn…now I’ve got post-prandial encephalopathy. Time for a nap.

(photos courtesy of pw) 🙂