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perks of a talented housemate

Posted in gastronomical delights, kindred spirits on April 30, 2008 by twotwoeight

courtesy of my talented housemate

Being domestically-challenged (especially in the culinary department), it is no wonder that instant noodles are one of my favourite foods. And once upon a time, in medical school, I lived on coffee and Pringles, and according to ev, I’m the most unhealthy healthcare personnel she knows! So when I say all the yummy-licious food above were products from MY tiny little kitchen, I don’t have to mention that I’m not the chef. 😉

From the top left-hand corner : Roast pork with apples and mashed potatoes, lamb chop with mashed potatoes and greens, Belgian waffle with fresh fruits and ice-cream, Sheperd’s pie and salad, baked baby Portobello’s with cream cheese and herbs topped with bacon bits, grilled salmon steak with seafood carbonara fetuccine and salad, American breakfast of bacon, scramble eggs, hash brown, sauteed brown mushrooms, baked beans and tomatoes, baked seafood pie with spinach and our latest experiment, steamed fish-shaped fish! Ta-da!!! Perhaps it’s not too late to learn…

PS/ We’re having American breakfast tomorrow!!! I love holidays! 🙂



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Was back in PJ for the weekend and went for some much needed retail therapy…with fruitful results! 🙂

A girl can never have too many pair of shoes…this pair aptly named “Coffee”

It’s amazing what retail therapy can do for the soul! Muahahaha…

By the way pw, hope you’re not missing your ‘centaur-like’ experience with them!

it’s shaped like a fish…

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While in the process of attempting to make a home-cooked dinner…needed some pointers from the domestic engineer at home, hence the phone call to mum…

Me : Eh Ma…what’s the fish sauce you use to steam fish ah?

Mum : Aiyah…I think it’s the Lee Kum Kee one. What fish are you steaming?

Me : Huh? I also dunno. The fishmonger said this fish good for steaming woh. It’s shaped like a fish.

Mum : Ahahahahah….of course lah! What fish isn’t shaped like a fish???

Can just imagine the look on her face and her wondering how come her daughter is so un-domestic and hopeless. Anyway, must say that the dinner turned out rather well. Mmm….if only you could smell the sai yong choi soup…the aroma reminded me of the kitchen at home.

Isn’t it ironic…when we were kids, we always wanted to eat out. But after being away from home for so long, I crave the simple dishes of home-cooking. And the most amazing thing is, sometimes when I have a craving for certain dishes, it will magically appear on the dinner table when I get back home, without me even having to tell my mum. Mother’s 6th sense / intuition??

Hey ma, I’m coming back this weekend. What’s cooking??? 🙂

Steamed fish, beancurd with mushroom and sai yong choi soup

the humorous mr.shann

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Talking about spuds reminded me of this…

my daily mantra

Something not unfamiliar…

spuds for what?

Genuine mistake? Humorous author? Or treatment for failure to thrive?? I can only wonder…

comfort food : recommended for the treatment of pre-call blues

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On-call tomorrow…

Other supportive reasons for indulging in comfort food: lazy to go out for dinner, diet starts tomorrow…as usual, just felt like indulging, been wanting to have the spuds with the trimmings. Basically, no reason 😉

dinner at home

view from my DSC-FS5

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By request from pw who is visually stimulated 😉 Some random shots around the house with my new camera, courtesy of che…thank you, thank you, muacks!!!

The ever hungry leppit who is currently tricked into residing at pj

The ever hungry leppit who is currently tricked into residing at pj

He caught my eye while I was browsing aimlessly

The holy wise old man who caught my eye as I was doing some retail therapy

My new on-call slippers

Ladybirds on my heels….my new on-call slippers….they tend to squeak alot though

hear me roar....

The ever entertaining but a little scary mug cover. I just love the way his arms wiggle.

There you go, the results of a bored me and armed with a new toy.


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Subjected myself to some torture today (actually it wasn’t really painful lah…) seeing as I had not been feeling in the pink of health lately ever since that trip to BT where we went frolicking in the river. So I had hss take blood for me and I sent of a battery of blood tests. The first few results to come back was of course the full blood count… which showed eosinophilia and nothing at all the viral infection picture I was expecting. So… the first thought that ran through my head was “I have worms???”. See, this thought is quite natural seeing as that’s my first reaction when seeing a kid with eosinophilia…and then comes deworming. Was wondering whether I should prescribe myself Zentel at the risk of being laughed at by the pharmacist…when hss innocently asked me if I didn’t think the cause of it was my atopy? Haha….so I do not have worms after all 😉