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welcome twotwoeight

Posted in random bits on March 29, 2008 by twotwoeight

Yes, welcome twotwoeight.  Post-call with a stiff back.  Not a very good start, but nevertheless, it’s a start.  Had been contemplating about doing this, but procrastination has always gotten the better of me.  😉  If you’ve stumbled upon my ramblings by chance, welcome to you too!  Let’s just see how long I can keep this up.

Yesterday was not a particularly bad call, but I woke up itching all over and with a stiff back.  Hhmm, seriously wondering whether my ‘light’ is on or not…as I’ve recently come to know about.  Anyway, it is a way for me to attribute the string of rather ‘bad’ luck that I’ve had to…which include the loss of my phone.  It’s always easier when you have someone or something to blame, huh?